Malai was the queen of her kingdom & living the life most only dreamed about. With a husband who loved her more than the air he breathed, she was golden. The untimely death of her husband fame turns her world from sugar to shit in seconds. Saddness plagues her heart but she doesn’t have time to properly mourn. Her king always told her a queen is never to show weakness, and to never let outsiders know when you’re falling. To honor her husband’s words Malai must find the strength to maintain her image and remain ten toes down.

After doing a seven year stint Jahkovi is finally release from prison and ready to set it off. Love has always been tricky for Jahkovi but his baby mother tricker. Missing out on seven years of his daughter’s life has him ready to make up for missed time. Instead of allowing him to have that bond with his daughter, Malai makes it hard for him. Even with the love he still has for her, Jahkovi is willing to put her on the list of people who have to pay if she keeps up the drama.

Aspen the younger sister of Malai has finally realized her worth and is ready to move on with her life but moving on is never an easy thing. The love she has for Askari brings her backwards instead of forward. A mental battle between wanting someone to love her the right way or waiting for Askari to act right has her questioning everything.

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