Two Years Later...


Two Years Later



“How in the fuck can you be okay with not getting a ring by now? Didn’t this nigga promise you next year you would be getting proposed to? Hell nah it could never be me.” Jag ranted.

I just sat in the passenger seat of her truck scrolling through my Instagram timeline. She didn’t have to remind me that shit wasn’t moving forward with Dame because I was living that shit every day. Two years Dame and I were in the same spot. The kids were growing, and we were expecting another one. Since the day he gave me the adoption papers of the twin’s marriage was never brought up again. I didn’t want him to feel like I was pressuring him but shit I didn’t want to be a girlfriend my whole life.

“So you’re not going to say anything? You’re fine with giving him a baby and you still don’t have a ring?” Jag pressed.

“Jag leave that shit alone. Why you so worried about my relationship status. I don’t see you pressing Tex for a ring and Taylor is going to be two soon. That nigga got a seed out of you with no ring. So maybe you should be worried about that.” I shot back.

“That’s because I’m not ready for marriage. I just opened up to being a relationship with this nigga. So you know damn well I wasn’t about to rush into marriage knowing damn well I’m not ready. My household good.” She sassed.

“And we good over here too.” I snapped.

“No the hell you not! You want to be married. That nigga made promises that he’s not keeping.” She argued.

“Man if this is going to be the talk of the day then you can take me back home. I don’t have time for the shit today Jag.” I snapped.

“I’ll take it as the baby fuckin’ up your hormones. I’m just trying to look out for you so don’t get mad at me. Get mad at your nigga.”

I rolled my eyes and plugged my ears with my headphones. This is the main reason why I didn’t want to go out with her ass today. There is a part of me that wondered what happened to that one year quote that Dame gave me, but that didn’t have shit to do with Jag. Since Jag had Taylor she walk around like she know ever gah damn thing. It’s bad that I already was questioning the relationship that I had with Dame I didn’t need my sister doing it too. Over all this shit wasn’t going as planned and now I felt like I just had to wait it out. It’s just I keep thinking like what if he’s never ready to get married? When I say he hasn’t brought up marriage again since new years day two years ago he hasn’t.

The twins are living their lives because they see me every day, so they aren’t afraid of me leaving anymore. But then there’s me I’m not happy with how shit is going. I feel like a live in fuck buddy. I know that I’m the first serious relationship he’s been in a long time but damn. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to bring it up again because I don’t want him to feel like I’m pressuring him into something he isn’t ready for, but that nigga needs to tell me something.

“Pu! I’m not trying to bother you or make you mad. You’re my sister so I want you to have everything I feel you deserve. A man who wants to make you his wife is definitely something you deserve. You’ve been putting up with this nigga running the street still. You take care of the house and kids. Then you’re carrying a baby for him on top of that. What the hell is this nigga waiting on?”

“Jag I know already! I don’t need you to keep reminding me that he doesn’t want me to be his wife. I get it. I’m doing wife shit with a girlfriend title. I fuckin’ get it Jag. I don’t have a ring. I’m still not his wife. I get it Jag.” I snapped wiping my face clear of tears.

“Aw Pu I didn’t mean it like that. Shit I forgot you’re so damn sensitive now. I just want you to demand what you want or walk away if he’s not willing to give that to you.”

“Jag it’s not that easy. I love the nigga so hello!”


The rest of the car ride with Jag was quiet as fuck. I know I’ve asked her ass a good three or four times to take me back home but she insisted on going to this damn restaurant. I wasn’t in the mood to go sit in nobody restaurant and I didn’t feel like being around her ass right now.

“Pu put a damn smile on your face. You’re killing the mood.” Jag called out getting out the car.

“Oh bitch you tried it! You’re the reason why I’m pissed. Let’s get this to go because I don’t feel like sitting in here.”

She ignored me and strutted her way towards the restaurant. I rolled my eyes as I followed behind her to the entrance of Southern Eats. We probably only eating here because her ass don’t want to pay for the meal.

“Hey Ms. Jag. How are you today?” The hostess asked when we walked in.

“I’m good Manda. How you been?” Jag asked hugging her.

“I’ve been good. They’re at the table in the back waiting for you two. Hey, Ms. Puma.” Manda greeted.

I gave her a forced smile and a little wave before following Jag to the table. I wasn’t paying attention to anything because all I was thinking about was a lie to get Jag to take my ass home. If she didn’t fall for it I was just going to get into a Uber to take my ass home. I wasn’t about to play with Jag today.

“Ma!!” Lauren yelled snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Oh! I didn’t know y’all were here too.” I squealed hugging her.  

Larkin always being the cool and laid back of the two gave me a simple hug and went to sit back down. Dame stood from his seat and walked over to me with his hands already stretched out going for my growing belly.

“What’s good?” he greeted kissing my lips.

“Hey,” I replied.

“What’s wrong with you? You were crying?” He questioned looking down at me swiping his thumb underneath my eyes.

“Yeah you know I can get emotional for no reason.” I said trying to brush it off.

“Are you sure? You’ve been off a little bit lately.” He asked.

“I’ve been off?” I snapped.

“See! Yeah like that. Why you snapping on me? I’m just trying to make sure you’re fine.” He pointed out.

“I’m fine Dame.” I replied breaking away from him to take a seat.

“When I left her with you this morning she didn’t have this on Tex. Stop dressing my daughter like a little boy.” Jag snapped taking the ponytail holder out to free Taylor’s hair.

“She going to be my son and daughter until you stop playing and give me a son. You don’t mind looking like this do you Tay?” Tex cooed picking her up.

She just laughing and smiling as her crazy parent went back and forth about the way she was dressed.

“You won’t get another kid from me anytime soon. Now did y’all order already?” Jag sassed looking between Tex and Dame.

“I ordered for Puma already.” Dame spoke up.

I could feel his gaze was still on me. Probably trying to figure out why I had an attitude right now. He didn’t know that Jag stupid ass got into my head before coming here. If she knew we was coming to meet them here she should have saved that bullshit talk that we had in the car. I was over this day.

“I’m ready to go.” I sighed.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Dame snapped.

“Nothing. I just want to go home and get in the bed. Jag fucked up my whole mood. I’m really not in the mood for any of this today.” I said rolling my eyes.

“The fuck you do to my baby Jag?” Dame snapped.

“You don’t need to be asking what I did. It’s what you didn’t do. Nigga don’t throw it on me.” Jag shot back throwing her hands.

“What the fuck you mean what I didn’t do? What is she talking about Puma?” Dame said cutting his eyes at me.

“Nothing.” I dismissed.

“Yeah she tell you nothing but I had questions on why she still don’t have a ring. She got an attitude with me because you still haven’t proposed. I wasn’t the nigga that made the promise to marry her ass.” Jag spat.

“Jag you always starting shit. Mind ya gah damn business before I start keeping your ass in the house.” Tex snapped on her.

“So that’s why your mad?” Dame asked me.

“No! I’m mad that Jag had to throw it in my face. I know it already she didn’t have to bring it up.”

“So you’re not upset that I haven’t proposed yet?” he asked.

“I don’t know Dame. I do know that I’m not trying to be a girlfriend forever. I also don’t want to pressure you to do some shit that you weren’t ready for.” I confessed.

“Ya sister always running her damn mouth. Yeah I was supposed to do this shit a year ago but I wasn’t ready. I’m not going to lie. Today I planned on doing this romantic gesture and propose but since you want to have an attitude because of your fuck ass sister running her mouth I ain’t doing all that. Just take this.” He snapped slamming a ring box down on the table.

I was hype as fuck to see that ring box but I wasn’t about to pick that damn box when his ass just slammed it down with an attitude. I don’t give a fuck how I was acting right now his ass had to ask me properly.

“She so damn worried about our shit over here she need to be figuring out why her ass still ain’t got a ring. We good over here.” Dame snapped.

“Nigga don’t even try it. If I wanted a ring I would have one. I’m just trying to look out for my sister. Ain’t nobody going to play her as long as I’m around.” Jag snapped back.

“Shut yo ass up ain’t nobody playing her. Asking her a year ago knowing damn well I wasn’t ready to be a husband would have been playing with her. Just because shit don’t happen on your time doesn’t mean a damn thing. This isn’t yo relationship no way so you need to mind ya damn business. Tex get ya girl.” Dame argued.

“Nigga he ain’t gotta get,”

“Both of y’all shut up. I’m ready to leave.” I announced rolling my eyes.

“Put the ring on Puma.” Dame gritted.

“Nah I’m not. You didn’t ask me to be your wife. I want the whole getting on one knee and all that. This I am not accepting.” I replied.

“Lauren and Larkin. Now.” Dame called out.

All three of them got up from the table and Dame turned my chair around to face them. Dame’s attitude was still visible but I didn’t care as long as this nigga did a proper proposal is all that matter to me. He got on one knee and Larkin followed suit. Lauren sat on his knee and they all stared at me. Larkin dug into his pocket and opened his tiny hands revealing a beautiful diamond ring.

“Will you marry my daddy?” he asked taking my hand and sliding the ring onto my fingers.

“Mommy will you marry Daddy?” Lauren asked pulling out a ring from her little purse she had on.

A nice simple yet beautiful ring with the band iced out in diamonds and a beautiful heart shaped ruby in the middle. She didn’t even give me a chance to respond before she slid the ring on my finger as well. The kids moved and stood behind Dame as he inched closer to me and took my hand into his. He cut his eyes at Jag then gave me his full attention.

“You came into my life at a time where a nigga needed you most. I never knew that the disrespectful shawty who didn’t know how to follow directions would have a nigga looking at the world differently. You showed me how to take care of my kids. You showed me that love didn’t come in the form of dollar signs. I didn’t have to buy you nice things for you two want to be with me. I was sold on you being my wife when I saw how you loved my children. It was already in my head to never let you go. The wait was only for me to make sure I was the man that you deserved.”

“Bitch” Tex coughed in the background. I turned and cut my eyes at him and he threw his hands up in a surrendering motion.

“Like I was saying. I wanted to make sure I can be the right husband for you. I’ve came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going anywhere, and my life wouldn’t be complete until you had my last name. So Puma will you marry me?” Dame grabbed the ring off the table and opened the box.

It was some fancy shit too because once he opened to reveal the ring a light came on in the back. Shining down on the biggest ring I’ve ever seen. Ring had a diamond band in the middle this big ass rock that was no less than nine carats in the shape of a tear drop. Surrounding the middle diamond were the red rubies surrounding it. My ring finger was iced the fuck out right now. I held my hand out looking at all three rings bunched up on my finger in disbelief. He really just asked me to be his wife.

“Did you answer?” Lauren asked.

“Oh! Yes I will be your wife Dame.” I smiled.

“Oh now you want to smile.” Dame called out standing to his feet and pulling my up from my seat.

“I love you Puma,” He called out looking at me.

“I love you too.” I cooed kissing his lips.

I could hear everyone around hooping and hollering as he shared a kiss. It took two years but I got what I wanted. It was time to plan my wedding so I can officially become Mrs. Dame Shea.

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