Get Your Son


Get Your Son


“Radio I keep telling your ass to have a talk with him. There is no reason he should be out here acting like he ain’t got no damn sense. I am tired of these gah damn teachers calling my phone telling me that his ass ain’t going to school and if he is he act like he don’t have no damn home training. I am sick and tired of having this fuckin’ conversation with him. He think because you fuckin’ laughing and hanging out with his ass he don’t have to get right. Radio get that nigga in check before we have a serious problem.” Basil barked as she paced back and forth in a corner.

“You want to go back to your hoe ways so bad. Get out that corner shawty. You left them corner days alone.”

“Radio why you fuckin’ playing right now? Your son is out of control and you want to do fuckin’ hoe jokes right now? Our son out here fuckin’ up and you want to joke. That nigga not going to school so it ain’t no tell what the hell he put here doing when he’s not going to school. Radio right now it’s the time for you to brush me off. Do something about it before something happens to my son. These mothafuckas out here don’t give two fucks about him and I’m not trying to be a mother that has to bury her son because of some fuck shit.” She cried.

When I saw the tears roll down my baby face I felt fucked up for joking right now. Junior was about to have my baby stressing out and crying behind his hardheaded ass. I was definitely going to have a talk with him.

“Come here,” I demanded.

She stood over in the corner with her arms folded and glared at me. I know a nigga can play and shit but it’s really bothering her so I’m going to fix it.

“Come on Baze! Tell me what happened and I promise to fix that shit. I don’t like seeing your stressed and crying.” I expressed.

She walked over to where I was seated and I pulled her down to my lap. Her ass still had an attitude but it wasn’t going to be for long.

“Come on! Tell me what’s happened this time around.”

“He’s in school fighting her again. Before they could even call us he left. It’s getting ridiculous. It’s either he’s fight or his ass not going at all. Radio I’m losing my patience!” She snapped.

“Did they say why he was fighting?”

“Nah but it doesn’t matter his ass should be acting like that in school. He’s going to get kicked out of school and have them damn people at my door. He’s fuckin’ fifteen Radio! He should know how to act in school by now.” She spat.

“Man let me see where his ass is.” I groaned picking up my phone yo calm him.

“Aye where yo ass as nigga.” I spat as soon as he answered.

“I’m just walking in the house.” He informed.

“Bring yo ass I’m downstairs we need to talk.” I demanded before hanging up.

“I’m going to talk with him.” I assured her kissing her lips.

“Radio a real talk.” She reiterated.

“I am?” I vowed.

When junior came into the basement Basil got up to leave. As she passed by him she punched his shoulder and kept walking.

“Ah! What you hit me for?” He bitched.

“Talk to ya daddy Rj because I’m two seconds from fuckin’ you up.” Basil spat stomping up the steps.

“What I do now?” He groaned sitting in the recliner next to me.

“Nigga what the fuck you in school fight for? I told you to get your shit together. I don’t need my woman stressed the fuck out and reverting back to her corner days because you want to act like you don’t have no damn sense. You want me to start fucking you up? I don’t have a problem boxing ya ass up Rj.”

“It’s not even my fault this time.” He defended.

“Let me hear this bullshit you about to spit.”

“Man for real this time it wasn’t my fault. The last time we talked I told you I would get my shit together.”


“Ah my bad. I told you was going to do right. A nigga was going to school and everything. Then I saw Megan crying at school and when I found out why I snapped. Those niggas at the school think they can mess with her and shit because she don’t be talking to other people and she like reading books and shit.”

“Nigga you trying to have me deck you in your shit.” I warned.

“My bad pops. It just pissed me off. Megan told me to ignore it, but I wasn’t about have people out here clowning my cousin. It’s this one nigga always messing with her and then always trying to be all up in her face. I ain’t going for all that. He decided to really try me today, so I rocked his ass, I mean. Man, you know what I’m trying to say pops. I was dead serious about getting it together, but I wasn’t about to let them play with her.” He said with his face all frowned up.

“Aight man. Where the hell you be going when you leave school? If yo ass ain’t in school ya ass don’t need to be out in the streets doing whatever the fuck you been doing. I don’t like seeing my wife worried and when it comes to you and your sister she always fuckin’ worried. Don’t go out there doing no dumb shit because I’m going to fuck you up lil nigga. Tighten the fuck up nigga. On some real shit.”

“Pops I’m either chilling with my shorty or out with my niggas.”

“Niggas that don’t be doing shit with their lives. You ain’t nothing like them niggas so I hope you ain’t out there trying to prove you ‘bout it to those niggas. Yo ass don’t know what the struggle is, and you have both your parents. Don’t go out there acting like an ass for some friend’s nigga.”

“They done seen where I live so they know I don’t know the struggle. I ain’t no punk nigga though. I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. I really just be chillin’” He assured.

“BAZEEEEE!” I shouted out.

I know her ass was probably at the top of the steps listening to the conversation anyways.

“What Radio?” She spat walking down the steps.

“Come here man. I ain’t do shit so don’t take ya attitude out on me.”

She rolled her eyes but she knew a nigga was serious. Baze walked her fine ass over to me and sat on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to my body.

“So we talked and that nigga going to do better. He said he was just taking up for Megan. I get it so I ain’t trippin’ off that fight today. I’m going to say this in front of your momma so we all on the same page. I’m not going to have another talk about this school shit Rj. Get ya shit together before we put you in a private school with them uppity mothafuckas. I don’t need my wife stressed the fuck out and trying to go back to her old ways. I was her in the corner earlier and panicked. It took me too long to get her off the cor-”

“STUPID! Why you always playing with Raheem!? Stop with the hoe jokes nigga because you don’t want me to go in on your ass.” Basil snapped cutting me off.

I went to open my mouth to say something and bucked at me like a nigga was scared of her tiny ass.

“Y’all dysfunctional. I promise I’m going to chill out. I was just looking out for my cuz. Ain’t nobody making fun of her but me.”

“I hear you but this whole thing of you being out there doing god knows what doesn’t work for me. When you aren’t going to school or just leaving and I find out hours later I worry. Mothafuckas don’t care what the fuck they do to kids out here nowadays. Then to top it off you’re a black male. I don’t need you behind somebody bars because you want to run with the wrong crowd. Shit god forbid I have to plan a funeral for you over some senseless bullshit. Get your shit together Rj and I mean it. Whoever you hanging out with you need to stop because I ain’t with it. Rj this is my last time saying it. I’ll box ya ass up. You might be bigger than me but I’ll take you down. Since you’re suspended there isn’t a reason for you to leave this house.”

“Ma I’m too old for punishment.” Rj argued.

“Yeah and you too old to be acting the fuck up in school but you still do it. You want to act an ass in school you can keep your ass in the house.” Basil murmured.

“Aight ma. I’m sorry for real though. I’m about to go eat.” He mumbled getting up from his seat.

He slapped hands with me and kissed Basil forehead before leaving out the basement.

“You happy now?” I asked leaning back.

She followed suit laid back on my chest still pouting like a little ass kid.

“I guess. We will see if he straighten up. I should have known my kids will be out of control because of who their father is.” She joked.

“I’m solid over here. They had to get this shit from you. You should be pregnant right now but I’m not even going to get into that.”

“Yeah nigga don’t because it ain’t happening! The two we have are enough.”

“Nah you owe me at least three more. We agreed on nine.”

“Nigga you agreed on nine and I told you to stop smoking. I’ll be damned if I had nine kids. The hell wrong with you.” She laughed.

“I thought you loved a nigga.”

“I love you babe but nah son. You’re not about to get that. That was funny.” She cooed laughing again.

“That’s fucked up.” I let out shaking my head.

She turned to look at me and started laughing again. Basil can laugh now but I’ll catch her ass slippin’ soon. She definitely getting her club shot up soon and giving me another baby.

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