Post Valentine’s Day 2K19


A Few Days


Valentine’s Day


Bre invited me and Briana to a dinner at Daz moms house. Did I want to go? Hell no but she told me she made a slick remark about me not letting Briana be around her. Even though Lavar and I weren’t together anymore she did make sure to call me and check up on Briana. She always offered to baby sit if I needed her to and when Briana was at Daz and Bre house somehow my baby always ended up with his moms. Since then I’ve been keeping her home. I didn’t want her to feel like I was forcing my child on her family. I mean shit Lavar and I weren’t together because of my daughter. He was probably tired of seeing her with his mom.

Ms. Dorine was doing the most, but I was going to show up to this dinner.

“Momma auntie Bre said we were going to see Ms. Dorine! Is that true?” Briana yelled bursting into my room.

“First of all what I tell you about just busting into my room?” I scolded.

“Sorry,” she replied rolling her eyes.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with this child. Anyways yes! We are going to her house in a little while for dinner.” I informed.

“Yes! I’m going to show her my test I got a hundred on. I was talking to her on the phone and she told me that the next time she saw me she wanted to see my test. It’s been a while, so I have a few to show her. She’s going to be so happy.” She squealed running out of my room.

This was going to be awkward as hell. I’ve had spent my time making sure I didn’t have to run into Lavar. If he was in attendance I didn’t show up. I believe this will be the first time him and I would be in the same room since the breakup. I wasn’t ready for this but it was going to happen.


“I knew I shouldn’t have come here.” I ranted standing over in the corner running my sweat hands up and down my pants legs.

“Bitch calm down it’s just Lavar. Do you still want to be with him? He still single. He tried his little hand in dating but with him work and not over you if I must say so myself.”

“What if he doesn’t want to see me. I don’t know why I had to come.” I whispered.

“I never saw you this nervous before. Besides this dinner is not going to be serious. For one Daz is getting cursed out so that’s some happiness for you.” Bre offered making me laugh.

“Why is he getting cursed out?” I laughed.

“Because bitch as you can see my husband has all these gah damn ballons and these stupid ass flowers, right? All of this shit is happening because his ass didn’t do shit for Valentine’s Day.”

“You’re lying.” I laughed.

“Bitch it’s not funny. He really came home and told me that he thought we weren’t going to celebrate because I had an attitude. This nigga has lost his gah damn mind.”

“You over there talking shit? I told you I was going to make this shit right. Look at all this money I spent on all of this. Then you want to sit ya ungrateful ass over there all frowned up.” Daz argued.

“Let me go over here because I’m not about to listen to the two of you go back and forth.” I dismissed.

“Hell nah! Tell you friend that she ungrateful. That shit crazy.” Daz complained.

“No what’s crazy is that I gave you a child and married your ass. Nigga you sound like the ungrateful one to me. You’re supposed to love me and you don’t get me anything for valentine’s day. I swear you’re lucky we at ya moms house because I would tear all of this up.” Bre snapped getting in Daz face.

“You want me to toss ya big ass around here. I ain’t playing with you Bre.” Daz threatened.

“Woow so you’re really asking for a divorce.” Bre snapped walking off.

“Baby you know I love all the extra!” Daz yelled out behind her.

“Daz you keep playing and watch what happens. You know you wrong.” I scolded.

“Man spirit you know I don’t mean no harm. She was acting up so she won’t about to be rewarded.” Daz argued.

“And when she lock it down you gon be sick.”

“Man spirit I’ll get it right with her. But in the mean time when my brother come don’t be acting weird and shit. It won’t kill you to shoot your shot or some shit.” Daz said.

“He is not worried about me. I don’t even know why I had to come to this dinner.”

“Because he is worried about you. Play that shit cool when he get’s here. Y’all should have never split in the first place.”

“Uncle Dazzy. Are some of these flowers for me?” Briana asked picking up a nearby bouquet smelling them.

“Aye what’s good family!” Lavar greeted walking in with his hands full of gifts.

When he looked in my direction our eyes locked. Damn he looked good. So damn good with his beard looking fuller. The waves were still on point. Damn I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing him until this moment.

“Aye what’s up Atari? How you been?” He asked smiling.

I couldn’t even speak. That damn smile had me in a trance. I couldn’t even contain my smile. When he made his way over to me I quickly and nervously smoothed my hair down.

“It’s always looked a mess so don’t try to fix it now. I’ve been telling you to comb ya hair for as long as I’ve known you Badu.” Daz said from behind me.

“Nigga you always talking shit. it’s nothing wrong with her hair.” Lavar defended.

“Yeah that nigga gotta love you because ain’t no way that hair is acceptable. Big baby couldn’t walk around with her hair like that.” Daz continued.

“Daz shut yo ass up. Nigga let them have their moment. You worried about what’s going on over there when you barely have a wife nigga. Keep on.” Bre threatened.

Daz groaned as he took Drake out of her arms and tried to kiss her. She moved her head and walked off.

“The two of them are always at it.” Lavar laughed.

“Exactly.” I agreed laughing.

“So how have you been?” Lavar asked.

“Um I’ve been living. How about you? You look good. I heard the business was doing well. Congratulations on that too.”

“Thanks! I’ve been thinking about going on and starting a second location. I might take a celebratory vacation before going to look for places for another location.”

“Okay I see you! Doing big things. Do you have a plan on where you want to do another location?”

“I was thinking about either Miami or somewhere in California. I don’t really know. So what’s new with you?”

“Um nothing really. I realized what my mother was trying to help me with because being a mother full time is so hard. I definitely was not ready for all of this. Briana is a hand full I swear.” I groaned.

“Yeah I can see. She a little boss in training. When she over here she always telling someone what to do.” He joked.

“That’s my child for you. So, what did you do for Valentine’s day?” I probed.

“Nothing but work. So, I guess Daz redo of Valentine’s Day was an okay idea.” He shrugged.

“Oh you brought someone with you?”

“Nope,” He replied handing me some flowers and a gift bag.

“What’s this?” I questioned looking in the bag.

“I came baring gifts just in case by some slim chance someone hasn’t snatched you up yet.” He flirted.

“You are something else. What the extra stuff for?”

“For my momma, Bre and Briana. I can’t come baring gifts for just one.”

“Oh nigga you had me feel special for a second. Thank you I appreciate this.” I called out looking through the bag.

On the inside there were some Jars of my favorite natural hair care products. I can’t believe he remembers the hair care products I use to use. There was another long blue box at the bottom. I grabbed that and handed him back everything so I could open the box. When I opened the box there was a beautiful diamond encrusted canary yellow tennis bracelet.

“Oh this is so beautiful but I can’t accept this.” I regretfully declined.

“I bought it for you.” He assures passing me the flowers and gift bag back.

Before I could dispute he walked off to where everyone else was. I stood on the side and watched as his mother embraced him and just like the mommas boy him and Daz are he was all smiles. He gave her the bouquet of flowers and her gift bag. She took it and was happy as hell about her gift. He did the same with Bre and I watched closely as he approached Briana. I was nervous. I hope like hell Briana wasn’t rude to him.

When he handed her everything she was beyond excited. She even hugged him. Why couldn’t she be this nice to him when we were together.

“Mommy look at what Lavar gave me. It’s so beautiful.” She gushed.

“Did you tell him thank you?”

“Yes ma’am!” She replied rolling her eyes.

“Briana stop with those damn eyes. Stop playing with me.” I scolded.

“Okay. Sorry momma.”

She ran off and Lavar came back over to me.

“I’m glad you’re here.”

“I’m glad you’re talking to me. It feels good talking to you again.” I admitted.

We both stood there staring into each other’s eyes.

“Um let’s sit down and eat.” Ms. Dorine announced.

“After you,” Lavar motioned.

I smile and made my way to the dining room table. I guess coming to this dinner was definitely the best thing to do.

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