Skylynn Is Here!!



“Aye! I got a question.” I called out. 

Kaee and I were at the hospital because she was in labor. Well shit somewhat in labor i don’t know. All i know is that this shit was taking for ever. We were now on hour 10! I thought once her water broke that was it. Baby girl was going to come sliding out and we name her and shit. Nah that’s not the case. She might be on punishment when her ass do decide she want to come the fuck out. Got me in here waiting for her to make her grand entrance. Shoot if we knew it would have taken this long we could have chilled at the crib a little longer. I hate hospitals and me having to sit here and wait on little momma to come was torture.

“Nigga how do you say you have a question but don’t ask? Are you high right now?” Kaee questioned laughing.

“Ah Damn Nah. I was wondering why you never talked about marriage? When Naria brought that shit up i realized you never pressed me about a ring or getting married? You plan on leaving a nigga?”

“Why should i have to pressure you for a ring Sampson? You know what kind of life you want with me. You never mentioned it and i didn’t see a point. We are fine how we are.” She replied.

“No! What kind of female say some shit like that? You not going anywhere so you should want to marry a nigga.” I complained.

“Sampson you and i have been together since we were fifteen. If i haven’t left your ugly ass by now you should know I’m not going anywhere.” She laughed. 

“Hell nah that’s not a guarantee.”

“Nothing is guaranteed. We could get married and I still leave you!” She reasoned.

“You honestly would be okay with us never getting married?” I asked.

“Babe we never talked about it so i never really thought about it. When Anaria mentioned it i thought about it for a second but I didn’t think too much into it.” She admitted.

“If I asked you to be my wife would you say yes?”

“Without hesitation.” She replied.


“Nigga don’t propose to me because you feel like we have to get married. I’m not pressed about it and I’m not going anywhere. I will also beat you the fuck up if you try to leave me. Let’s not forget I’m blessing you with a child. A little me!”

“Kaee stop trying to play hard. You know you don’t have no hands.” I joked.

“Nigga you wanna.... ahhhhh shiiiiii,” she groaned out gritting down.

This was some serious shit but i couldn’t stop myself from laughing. She was dead about to go in on a nigga and look at what happened. Baby girl was looking out for her daddy already.

“Whew, whew, shit she playing games. Oh and i don’t see shit funny Sampson. This has to stop. You think sex after my water broke will make this happen faster?” She whined.

“Nigga what kind of shit you on? We not doing that Shit in this creepy ass hospital.” 

“Help me up.” She demanded.

“What the hell you getting up for? Are you supposed to get up?” I questioned still helping her ass out of the bed. 

“I’ve seen videos of mothers in labor moving around. Maybe this will help speed it up. It’s been eleven hours now. Sampson i want her out!” She groaned. 

“Aight to get your mind off this we can go back to talking about marriage.”

“Nigga what the fuck! Do you want to marry me? What is going on with you?” She snapped as she paced back and forth. 

One hand on her back and the other holding the bottom of her stomach.

“I mean shit yeah! That’s how this shit supposed to go. We’ve been together for fifteen years! That should have been something we talked about a long time ago. You got me look at you crazy. Why you not like other women out here. A normal female would have been said something about a ring.” I argued.

“Ugh! Nigga you just slow as fuck. First off let me say we live together, go to bed together every night, i pray for your safety every time you leave the house, i can’t sleep at night unless you’re back in the house for the night, i wash your clothes, i cook you dinner, i make sure you go to the doctor to make sure you’re good at all times, i tell you i love you everyday because i mean that shit. I never outright said Sampson I want to get married because for one i already am your wife. At least to me. Being married ain’t shit but me changing my last name and the government recognizing me as your wife. Also there have been times where I’ve hinted at it. Nigga you just don’t listen. Oh and there are a couple rings at home that i have just because when i pointed those out to you as a hint. Nigga you just don’t pick up on hints.” She informed me shaking her head. 

I thought back and sure enough i bought her ass like five different rings she told me she loved. Not one time did I think to propose with any of them. 

“So while you thinking you need to ask yourself if you see me as your wife. It took someone else mentioning it for you to even think about it.” She voiced. 

Damn! That right there makes it all seem so fucked up. 

“Kaee i hope you know,”

“Urgggggh,” she growled dubbed over in pain.

Instantly i stood behind her holding her up and she breathed through the contract.

“Wheeeewwww call the doctor,” she groaned. 

I helped her back into the bed and pushed the call button for the doctor. 

“Hi, is everything okay?” The nurse asked walking into the room.

“No! Has anything changed. I’m tired!” Kaee snapped.

“Okay okay let’s check to see if you’ve dilated anymore.” The nurse laughed.

Kaee didn’t find shit funny and if that nurse knew what was best for her she wouldn’t be laughing right now. 

“Okay you’re almost there! Two more centimeters.” The nurse informed. 

Kaee rolled her eyes and plopped back onto the bed. Lord this baby needed to hurry her little ass up.


Two hours later baby girl Skylnn has decided to make her grand entrance. Seeing Kaee push out my baby girl was a whole difference experience with in its self. 

“She is so beautiful. She’s going to be a pretty chocolate little something.” Naria gushed as she held Sky in her arms.

“Anaria stop lying. Maybe when she add some days to her life she will switch up but my baby not looking like money right now. For that i blame Kaee because she be dogging the fuck outta people. Now my baby look like a little chocolate Kermit.” I joked.

“Nigga i was thinking the same thing. But Anaria you can’t say my baby ugly. You did right by calling her beautiful. I would hate to have to throw hands with you.” Kaee added. 

“Y’all are sick. This baby is not ugly. She kinda look like,”

“Bitch don’t try to say me. Listen i believe people when they say don’t talk about other people kids or shit people in general. I dog out little kids with silver teeth in their mouth. I don’t trust them and i judge their momma and their frontals. This is my fault but my baby going to be good. Give her a couple more days. She will grow into her features.” Kaee assures.

“Why the fuck do you two have kids? I will make sure to tel my niece this story when she gets older.” Drake laughed.

“Don’t go tell my baby that.” I spat.

“I was going to say she look like Scoop!” Anaria laughed.

“Y’all disrespectful because now you just trying to be funny. You have that.” I nodded laughing with her.

“Aight y’all stop talking about my baby. She just came out my treasure island. She going to be good in a couple of days.” Kaee defended.

“Aye y’all should have named her Debra. She dead ass look like a Debra.” Drake cut in.

“Drake don’t have me go in on your ugly ass. My baby don’t look like no damn Debra.” Kaee shot out.

I shook my head and took my baby from Anaria. They asses thought they were about to hold my baby and crack jokes. Nah. I sat next to Kaee and just stared at my baby girl. A nigga was a father. On some real shit right now. I had a shorty that rode for me and a healthy baby girl that was going to be beautiful in a few days. A nigga couldn’t ask for me. Everything a nigga needed in life was in this room right now. 

“Kaee,” i called out still not looking in her direction.

“Yeah bae?” She replied leaning on my shoulder and fixing the covers around Sky.

“If i asked you, you would marry a nigga right?” I questions.

“With no questions asked. I love you Sampson.”

“Bet! I love you too Kadeene!” I confessed turning to give her a quick kiss.

Yeah she was definitely going to be my wife. 

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