Sneak Peek Chosen Part 2



Did my Annie just say what I think she just said. There was no way in hell that she said that shit. Nah DiZarie wouldn’t be carrying my baby right now and not tell me. 

“Kalen how could you get her pregnant?” Kalyla cried out.

“I’m confused right now are you two together? Was that the real reason why you broke up with her?” My Annie asked looking Kalyla up and down. 

“Auntie Ny don’t look at me like that.” Kalyla sassed. 

“I don’t want to be with Kalyla! I never had and never will. How do you know Zarie is carrying my baby? Why didn’t she tell me?” I questioned. 

“If I was her I wouldn’t want to tell your ass either. Breaking up with that girl through a text for a stupid ass reason was fucked up. Kalyla girl I love you like my own but fuck your feelings. There is no way in hell Jana would do some shit like this.” My Annie pointed out. 

“What?” I asked. 

“Jana is my best friend. She’s always happy when I’m happy. When Symeer and I went through our shit Jana was right by my side beefing with his ass with me. When I decided to take him back she supported me with that as well. Kalyla isn’t a true friend at all.” She schooled. 

“Auntie Ny!” Kalyla yelled. 

“Listen I am not with this all this and I don’t give a damn how she feels anymore. I want my girl back.” I declared. 

“Damn Kalen that’s how you doing it?” Kalyla spat. 

Man, I wasn’t about to go back and forth with her ass. I took my phone out so I could call DiZarie but I saw a text come through from P. Storm going out to the whole family. 

P. Storm: My house in an hour. I don’t want to hear no excuses everyone be in attendance. EVERYONE BE IN ATTENDANCE. Do not come late and do not have me coming to look for you.

“What does he need to talk to everyone about? I need to go and see about Zarie.” I disputed. 

“Um well my father said to show up to his house. Also, you have to let her simmer down because she is still pissed.” My Annie advised. 

Everything is fucked up right now. How was I going to fix any of this?


“I see you all know how to follow directions. Well shit everyone but one person. We are waiting on one person.” P. Storm announced. 

Everyone sat inside of the large conference room confused as fuck because literally the whole family was here already.

“Who are we waiting for?” I spat.

“You just don’t even speak.” P. Storm sniped. 

I gritted and sat back in my seat. All of this shit was extra as fuck. I didn’t have time for all of this. I don’t even know why any of this shit had to happen. I had other shit to worry about. I stood to my feet and the conference room door opened up. In walked a pissed off DiZarie. Her oversized cardigan barely hang on her body and her hair was straightened but up in those buns her ass loved wearing. 

“You’re late.” P. Storm scolded. 

“I am not a part of your family. I don’t even know why I was invited here.” DiZarie spat. 

“Well because even if you want to admit it or not you are family. That child you are carrying is apart of this family.” P. Storm announced. 

Everyone around the table gasped and it was all eyes on Zarie. She rolled her eyes and she wasn’t pleased at all. Moments later in walked Riah. 

“Listen I am not a part of your family. I mean your family is the reason why we are in this place now. I don’t want any parts of this. I’m fine and my baby will be fine. Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?” Zarie spat. 

“You know normally I don’t let people talk to me like this, but I know you are a bit emotional right now. I never had a problem with you, and this is actually what this meeting is about. So have a seat so I can start.” P. Storm instructed. 

“Listen you are so nice to me and I really thank you for that. I just want to go back home so I can finish up my homework and go to sleep. I want to forget about this day all together.” Zarie announced. 

I was stuck though. I couldn’t even take my eyes off of her. The little curve in her stomach and her beautiful face had a full time glow happening right now. I am so fuckin’ stupid. 

“Can I talk to her alone before this little family meeting?” I requested. 

“If he speaks to me I’m leaving. I came here because of Mr. Storm and Ms. Nyrae.” DiZarie objected. 

“Kalen sit so we can get some things in order.” P. Storm insisted. 

“This is my life. My kid,” I argued. 

“You don’t have shit over here nigga. Now can you say what you have to say so I can go back home. I have to finish this sixty page paper.” Zarie huffed. 

“Sit down so we can talk.” P. Storm reiterated. 

Zarie and Riah sat in the empty seats that was available. 

“Okay so I called everyone here today because I am so fuckin’ disappointed. Now I’ve know about her being pregnant since her first appointment.” P. Storm admitted. 

“Excuse me?” DiZarie spat. 

“Your sister told SJ and SJ told me. My children and grandchildren tell me damn near everything. SJ told me about the baby and I just recently found out why the two of you broke up. Which is why this meeting his happening right now. DiZarie I can’t change how you feel about Kalen but I did want you to know that if you need anything I am here for you. Now everyone else. I don’t know why in the fuck any of you were concerned with their fuckin’ relationship but it’s fuckin’ sad. This man can’t live his fuckin’ life because Kalyla all of a sudden has feelings for him? No that’s not how it works. Kalyla get your own life and stop the fuckin’ crying. You are too damn old for that. Everyone that thought he should have to choose sides because of how long they have known each other is stupid as fuck. I have heard this man tell you all multiple times that he did not see her in that kind of way. Why the fuck does he have to repeat that so many gah damn times? If you can’t accept this part of his life then you don’t have to be around him. At the end of the day he needs to step up and be in his childs life. Y’all fuckin’ opinions shouldn’t be dictating shit. You don’t approve oh well. Kalyla is for one grown as fuck and for two not his woman so let it go! Anyone has a problem with what I just said?” P. Storm barked. 

“I do!” Zarie called out. 

“What?” P. Storm laughed. 

“Um thanks for that I guess but right now he does not have a child at all. This all is like four months too late. So I will say this and after that I’m not saying anything else. I told Ms. Nyrae I would keep her updated on my child. Riah when we get home oh it’s a problem. Um other than that I’m good on all these people. Y’all family drama has nothing to do with me so I’m just going to go. Thanks though.” Zarie murmured. 

She got up from her seat with her sister following suit and the both of them left out the conference room. I didn’t give a fuck about this meeting. I ran after her and saw her power walking out the house. 

“Zarie! Wait up let me talk to you please.” I called out to her. 

Her ass kept walking. I ran up to her and grabbed her arm. I didn’t mean to but I forcefully turned her around and my eyes instantly went to her stomach. Instantly my hands moved to her stomach and as soon as my hand connected with her stomach her hand connected with my face. DiZarie really just fuckin’ slapped the dog shit out of me. I stepped away from her and gritted down because I almost went off on her ass. 

“Fuck you Kalen!” She spat before storming off to her car. 

Yo! This shit is crazy.


“This is fuckin’ ridiculous! On everything I love I’m done with all this. I have to miss out on my fuckin’ kid because I listened to y’all asses. Man,”

“Alright now Kalen. I get that you’re upset but watch your mouth.” Louann snapped cutting Kalen off. 

“Nah you don’t even begin to know how pissed off I am. I stupidly broke up with my girl because everybody in here had something negative to say about my girl. Do y’all know how fuckin’ stubborn she is? She’s about to make it fuckin’ hard for me to even talk to her ass. I have a whole fuckin’ kid in her stomach chillin’. All because Kalyla can’t get it through her damn head that I am not attracted to her. THERE WILL NEVER BE A KALEN AND KALYLA TOGETHER.” Kalen barked. 

“Alright calm down because it’s not that serious. I don’t want you nigga.” I defended. 

“Yeah that’s why you was feeling all on a nigga. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but fuck it. Fuck you and all this. I’m out of here.” Kalen snapped. 

“Aye Kalen come see me when you cool down. I can see I’m going to have to lay hands on ya ass if we talk now. All I can say is that don’t give up on her. Nyrae stay on her. Everyone else get out my house.” P. Storm ordered. 

Kalen turned to leave out the conference room and I rushed towards the door. I had a few choice words for this nigga.

“Kalen you heard what I said right?” P. Storm yelled out. 

“Yes, I heard you.” Kalen replied before leaving out. 

“Kalen!” I yelled when we got outside. 

He kept walking towards his car like he didn’t hear me. 

“Kalen!” I snapped running towards him and grabbing his hand.

“Don’t fuckin’ touch me. I don’t have shit t say to you. Stay away from me Kalyla.” He barked yanking his hand away and getting into his car. 

He started his car up and pulled off while I stood right there. Nigga didn’t even care that he almost hit my ass with his damn car. That girl being pregnant was never that fuckin’ serious. Fuck that bitch and her fuck ass baby. 

“I’m going to talk with him don’t worry.” Kalen’s dad Kyle said rubbing my back. 

“No the fuck you’re not. Do you not understand what y’all have done?” Auntie Ny barked. 

“Nyrae you’re not about to tell me about my damn son. He can be in his child’s life without being with the mother.” Kyle argued. 

“So you just completely ignored everything he said in there? Everything he’s been telling her ass. Y’all stupid as fuck and when he decides to not fuck with you anymore I will laugh. Oh and Kyle nigga you out of all people should know how it feels to be left out of your kids life.”

“She can’t keep him away from his kid Nyrae so go on with all that shit.” Kyle argued. 

“Nigga you can’t tell her what she can’t do. For one Kalen would never go and take her to court. The little nigga probably fell in love with that girl. Y’all are so fuckin’ dumb and clueless.”

“Nyrae how are you going to walk around calling my daughter your niece but go and try to play her.” My mother barked stepping in Auntie Ny’s face. 

“Camille I’ll rag tag yo ass don’t play with me. Lately I haven’t been wildin’ out but you know I don’t play behind my babies. I love Kalyla like my own but she is fuckin’ wrong and she lookin’ real desperate. I could never and the fact that y’all encouraging that bullshit is beyond me.” Auntie Ny spat getting in my mothers face more. 

“Nobody scared of you Nyrae. I will fuck you up.” My mother barked. 

Auntie Ny dropped her stuff of the floor and pushed my mother out of her face. Auntie Jana shook her head and stood between the both of them.

“Yo y’all are wildin’ the fuck out right now. None of this shit has anything to do with any of us. At the end of the day Kalyla is wrong as fuck. The nigga doesn’t want you. Get over that shit. Camille you too fuckin’ old to be in your daughter’s business like this. That boy should not have to be screaming at the top of his lungs he don’t want to fuck with your daughter. Kyle you a bitch nigga.”

“Aye Zamor get your wife nigga.” Kyle snapped. 

“Nigga he doesn’t have to do shit. What kind of nigga are you? I wish Zamor would do some bitch shit like this to our son. Nigga how in the fuck could you even fix your lips to say some foul shit like he going against the family. Y’all niggas stupid as fuck. No need to fight just find Kalyla a nigga because Kalen don’t want her ass. GET OVER IT. Kalyla it’s too many men out here sweetheart you are too beautiful for all that.” Auntie Jana scolded. 

“Man fuck all this. You got one time to play in my face. Fuck you Camille.” Auntie Ny spat. 

“Wait it’s not that serious. Kalen and I will figure it out.” I assured. 

“That’s the problem right there. It’s nothing to figure out. You literally just ruined a ten plus year friendship for nothing. You’re still in denial. I’m out of here my family let’s go home.” Auntie Ny ordered.

“Fuck all that. This isn’t ya family no way.” My mother shouted out.

“Camille don’t call me acting like shit all good when you realize you’re wrong as fuck.” Auntie Ny spat getting in her car. 

All of this is getting out of hand.


We were all now at my moms and Kyle’s house. Kyle called Kalen and told his mother Lou to come over. I thought Kalen wasn’t going to show up but I guess his mother talked him into coming. She was on his side kissing his ass but that’s expected because even though her and my mother are cordial I know she still doesn’t like me. I could careless though. 

“What’s going on Kyle? I have somewhere to go.” Lou announced.

“What do you have to do that’s more important than our son? Lou you sound stupid as fuck right now.” Kyle spat. 

“Listen you sound stupid as fuck right now. Kalen is a grown ass man. What the fuck are we meeting for? I know it’s not to talk about his relationship because it’s none of our business. You got shorty all in your ear and she got you moving like a bitch out here. Stop worry about what the fuck he got going on. He living his life.” Lou argued. 

“We are talking about us having a possible grandchild coming into the world.” Kyle argued. 

“Then these two don’t need to be here. Last time I checked I was his mother. I was the one that birthed him.” Lou sassed. 

“Ma it’s not even worth it. Don’t argue with him because anything that’s said right now don’t mean shit to me.” Kalen dully let out. 

“How do you know that’s your baby?” My mother disputed. 

Kalen let out a low laugh and didn’t even bother to reply to my mother. He looked over at his mother and Lou just rubbed his back. 

“Listen all of this is getting out of hand. What do you want to do?” Kyle asked. 

“I want to go home and figure out how to get my girl and my kid back. I want to find a way to be able to go to these doctor appointments with her. I want to be able to be there through all this shit. I want to be with my girl. Not sitting here with y’all niggas repeating myself like a damn tape recorder. What are we all here talking for?” Kalen spazzed. 

“I mean you doing all this yelling for no reason. You will eventually get to be there.” I reasoned rolling my eyes. 

“You don’t even open your mouth to speak to me. I don’t fuck with you.” Kalen gritted not even looking in my direction. 

“Listen at the end of the day if you don’t want to accept that girl or not she is carrying your grandchild and you need to respect her. Honestly I don’t see the problem with her and you need to form your own opinion. Kalen go on and do what you have to do. I’m about to leave. Kyle take this time and form your own opinion and go change ya pad.” Lou retorted standing to her feet. 

“Ma you wild. You did not have to say that.” Kalen laughed standing up. 

“You know I don’t like this nigga. I’m out of here. I’ll call you auntie later to see if she spoke with Zarie. If she has see what we can do so she will at least sit down and talk with you. It’s all going to work it’s self out. If you don’t break her down you know ya auntie going to get her right. She likes Nyrae so we off to a good start.” Lou pointed out. 

Kalen nodded his head in agreement.

“Alright I love you and will talk to you later.” Lou cooed kissing his cheek and walking out. 

Kalen grabbed his things and left out the house. 

“He will come around.” My mother assured. 

“Nah it’s fine. I don’t care. Forget Kalen.” I hissed. 

Eboni Ellison