Return Of The Kween



When you are used to being in charge and running shit it’s hard to take a back seat in anything. I love being a wife to a faithful and supportive man. We have two beautiful kids together and I feel comfortable to say life was perfect right now. I know nothing is ever perfect, but my shit was damn near perfect. The whole fam was good, and it is hard to have everyone happy at the same time. But to be honest I missed being the HBIC. It’s easy for me to say that I was one of the biggest females in the dope game and the best part of it no one knew. When you can move as much weight as I used to and never be on the radar tells you what kind of beast you are. 

Shit I earned that right to brag about that shit. I miss walking in to regulate shit and niggas would look confused. Asa was the face, but I was the fuckin’ KWEEN! This is probably why my momma named me Kween Bri. She knew I was designed to run some shit. The time I decided to give up my throne to Zaiid I was freshly in love. I will also admit because a part of me thought I was caught and going to go down when Asa bitch ass was able to pull that shit. That bullshit had me thinking about being away from my daughter and all this other shit. Now that my kids are teenagers and don’t need me anymore, I’m bored. 

Everyone has their own thing going but me I am just a mother and wife. I love it but something else needs to occupy my time. I was a little too quick to hand everything over. It’s a shame all of this is coming to me now. Years later it’s hiting me and it’s only because Asya is seventeen and she does need me as much. Kareem was thirteen so he didn’t need me much either. Everyone else had a business going on and shit while I just chilled. It is sad to say I didn’t have any other source of income. I never thought about it because for one I had no plan on giving my shit up initially and lastly, I am far from hurting for money. But now it’s bad because I’m bored. 

“Momma I just wanted to let you know I plan on going to the mall and I’m going to use my black card.” Asya said walking into my room. 

“First off are you asking me or are you telling me? What do you need to buy? It has to be a lot if you want to use that card too!”

“Ma does it matter what I want to buy? I could have easily gone to daddy and he would have just told me okay. I just want to make sure when you get my credit card bill you know I told you already.”

“One phone call and you card is cut off. Now did you want to try this again. What are you going to buy? Why do you have to use that card instead of your debit card. You’re indirectly trying to get us to pay for something.” I spat.

“Momma what am I trying to get you to pay for? I’m just trying to tell you!”

“Because we pay that credit card bill. I am not going to keep playing these big ass credit card bills because you want to go and buy shit you don’t need.” I accused. 

“Okay so I’m going to be honest. I already purchased the items I’m just going to pick it up.” She admitted. 

“Okay you’re still not telling me what you bought. What did you buy and how much is it?”

“So, when I show you don’t scream at me. I just really loved the handbags and I couldn’t pass up on them. Besides y’all aren’t hurting for money and daddy would let me get it with no problem.” She said before passing me her phone. 

I looked down and the invoice email and I almost jumped up to punch my child in the face. What the fuck is wrong with her ass? She spent thirty-eight thousand dollars on fuckin’ purses! There is no way in hell she thought this shit was cool.

“Asya. Hmmm Asya nigga,”

“Momma,” She groaned. 

“Child your ass don’t work. Why in the hell you thought it was okay to pay that much money for five hand bags? What the fuck is wrong with you Asya?”

“Momma do you not see how cute those bags are? I just had to have them.” I groaned. 

“Asya that is too much to pay for some shit like that. What is your problem? You,”

“What are you in here yelling about? What’s going on baby girl? Where are you about to go?” Somi asked as he hugged and kissed Asya’s forehead. 

“Daddy momma is trippin’ I was just trying to go pick up a few things I ordered online and she’s acting like I murdered someone.” Asya cooed batting her eyes at Somi. 

Oh, she thought she was slick right now. 

“She bought thirty-eight thousand dollars’ worth of handbags. Yes, she’s going to get yelled at.” I snapped. 

“Baby girl. Why didn’t you come talk to me instead of ya momma?” Somi groaned. 

“Why is that even what’s being said right now. There is no way in hell her ass should be spending that amount of money. She doesn’t do shit around here either. That’s way too much for her to be spending Somi.” I argued. 

“Well I let her do it. Kids her age buy shit like that and I mean Sonai and Sora was the same way.” He shrugged.

“I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve ever gotten. How can you sit here and think her spending that kind of money is cool? That’s why her ass go behind my back with shit because you let her get away with it. In no way shape or form is this okay for her to spend that much. We have money but it doesn’t mean she can spend like that.” I spat. 

“Because we have it and I don’t see a problem with her spending the money. She ain’t hurting anyone.” He shrugged sitting next to me on the bed. 

“Somi that’s not okay. No way shape or form any of this is okay. She is seventeen spending almost forty thousand dollars. That shit isn’t cool.”

“Man go on and get your stuff baby girl. It’s no problem. Talk with us before spending that type of money again.” Somi said dismissing me. 

Asya spoiled ass grabbed her phone kissed Somi and ran out the room. I cut at my eyes at Somi and sucked my teeth. He always went against me when it came to Asya. 

“What’s wrong with you?” Somi asked pulling me towards him. 

“Why do you always do that? She shouldn’t spend that type of money. Somi you can keep dismissing me when it comes to the stuff Asya does.” I stressed.

“We can’t do shit about it now because she already spent the money. You love stressing about shit we can’t change. Let my baby spend the money.” He said kissing me. 

“Whatever. Since you’re in an understanding mood I want to talk to you about something.” I smirked kissing him.

I needed to ease this in. Kiss on him and shit so he won’t flip out. 

“I was thinking,” I let out kissing him again. 

“Thinking about what?” He asked squeezing my ass. 

“Well I was thinking thatttttt,” I crooned sensually kissing him again. 

As long as I kept doing this, he won’t fully think about what I’m about to say. 

“Thinking what? You want another baby? We need some new ones.” He laughed pulling my body on top of his. 

I sat in his lap facing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and batted my eyes at him.

“Hell nah. What do you want?” He groaned. 

“Woooooow. Asya can get what she wants but you are groaning at your wife who would do anything for you. I cook, clean, take care of your kids and fuck you good whenever you want and all I get is attitude.” I spazzed.

“Man. I’m just saying I know you want something doing all of this. What’s good? What do you want?”

“I’ve been married to you for over ten years and I want something different.”

“What the fuck does that mean? We married ain’t no getting away from me.” He asserted. 

“You aren’t even letting me finish what I’m trying to say. I feel stuck. I need to do something outside of this house. I was thinking about helping you run things.” I smiled. 

“Hell no! You left the streets alone. I don’t want my wife out here on that shit.” He dismissed. 

“Somi you know I was a fuckin’ Queen pin when you met me. What’s the difference now?”

“The difference now is you are with a nigga that don’t need you to take care of him financially. Shit being that we have kids and you have a husband is the only reason why you don’t need to be out in the streets. No. Do something else. Why does it have to be the streets. Start a business or some shit.” He proposed. 

“I don’t want to do anything else. I loved running shit. I loved walking into a meeting and niggas talking shit not knowing I was the reason why they were able to feed their families. I miss shooting mothafuckas that cross me or come up short. My shit was official out there.” I defended. 

“Baby listen to me and listen to me good. My wife will not be a queen pin. I don’t care that your name is Kween. You will not be doing anything with slanging dope. That shit you gave up and we have a good ass comfortable life.” He argued. 

“But I am not happy. I did the house wife for over ten years. I need something else to do.”

“Well let’s think of something for you to do or we can start traveling more. I mean shit we can do anything besides your ass going out to sell drugs. The fuck was you thinking coming to me like that.” He laughed. 

“You think it’s a joke? Somi you know all I can do when I want to do something. I try not to go against you because you’re my husband but don’t laugh in my face. You know shit like that pisses me off.”

“Well be pissed because this shit is laughable. You aren’t about to do shit I don’t agree with.” He declared. 

“Ohhh you done fucked up now.” I laughed getting up off the bed. 

See I wasn’t going to do it because he said so, but the arrogance of his statement just changed everything. Bitch Kween Bri is definitely about to make some shit shake and Somi will come back to me begging to stop. Shit it is definitely time for Kween Bri to get her crown back.

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