baby number 2!!!!



“Daddy look at my hair. Grandma put these big rolling things in it and now my hair is all pretty.” Zyra squealed running into my man cave.

“Ohh you look so beautiful. I like the little twist better. Why are you trying to grow up so fast?” I groaned picking her up and wrapping her up in my arms. 

My baby girl was now five years old and each day she wanted to do more things on her own. The older she got the more she wanted to do girly things with her grandmothers. She was only five and I was already losing my little girl. She didn’t want to sit up under me anymore. KaZyra was also starting up the attitudes too. I thought I had my hands filled with DiZarie, but she has definitely proved she is her mother’s child. Baby girls’ attitude is out of this world. 

“Daddy I have to tell you something.” Zyra announced pouting with her small hands resting on my cheeks. 

“What’s good? What do you have to tell me? Somebody did something to you?” I asked. 

“I don’t want a brother or a sister. I don’t want to share my toys and what if it’s a girl? Will I have to share my clothes? I don’t like babies.” She pouted. 

“I don’t understand. You don’t have a sister or a brother, so you don’t have to share right now. You’re going to be fine, besides you know you have to share with other kids. Doesn’t Caiya let you play with her stuff when you’re at her house.” I reasoned.

“Yeah but she has to. I tell you now, so you won’t have a baby. I don’t want a sister or brother.” She replied. 

“You aren’t having a brother or sister. So, I don’t know why you are saying that. Besides I want a son so if your mother stop being stubborn you are going to have a sibling.” I informed her laughing. 

“I hear momma talking to auntie Ree and she said that she’s having a baby. I don’t want her to have the baby. So, I want you to tell momma no.” She stated rolling her eyes.

Wait was she being serious right now? Man, I was starting to think that Zarie got her tubes tied and didn’t tell a nigga. I’ve been filling her ass up with all my juices trying to get her pregnant and that shit wasn’t happening. I hope whatever Zyra really heard was right because a nigga needed another baby out of her ass. I know what it feels like being an only child and it wasn’t cool. I always wanted a sibling. I got up with my baby girl in my arms to go look for Zarie. If this was the truth her ass should have told me as soon as she found out. 

“DIZARIE!!” I shouted out as I made my way up the stairs. 

“UHHGGGGG,” I heard from the bathroom as I entered our bedroom. 

I placed Zyra on our bed and rushed into the bathroom. There was DiZarie with her head in the toilet and I couldn’t do anything but smile. I stood in the doorway of our bathroom doing the milly rock because I finally got her ass. 

“Are you fuckin’ dancing? You cannot be serious right now!” 

I opened my eyes and saw a pissed off DiZarie sitting on the floor glaring at me. 

“My bad baby. I’m just happy as fuck right now. How are you feeling?” I asked rushing over to her. 

“Don’t ask me how I’m feeling now. Kalen, I told you no more babies.” She cried. 

“Ahh don’t cry everything will be fine! This is something that we both wanted. I’m happy and KaZyra is happy about the new baby. Everything will be fine!” I assured helping her up off the floor. 

“Daddy I don’t want a sister or a brother.” Zyra yelled from the room.

I swear baby girl had hater tendencies like her momma. I went to try and kiss DiZarie and she sucked her teeth moving her face away from me. 

“You are disgusting. I just had my face in the toilet.” She snapped pushing me out the way as she went over to the sink. 

“Daddy make it go away.” Zyra whined. 

“What? You aren’t excited about being a big sister. You get to tell them what to do when y’all get older. You will be the older sister and you will have a brother or sister to always have fun with.” I reasoned. 

She wasn’t going for it because she burst into tears. I picked her up and tried to get her to stop crying when DiZarie walked into the room crying too. When KaZyra saw her mother crying she stopped and stared at her like she lost her mind.

“You see your momma being a big baby.” I joked. 

“Kalen I’m not ready for another one of her. She’s a nightmare.” Zarie cried. 

KaZyra rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth. My baby had an attitude like her momma. 

“See! I can’t do another one of her. Her attitude is too much. Why do I have to deal with another kid with an attitude? My attitude isn’t even this bad and look at her. She got a smart mouth and a nasty attitude. I don’t want to deal with this again.” DiZarie cried. 

“Don’t do my baby like that. She is not a nightmare. We are going to be good. The two of you are just going to need to get use to the idea of someone else being added to our family. I need me a son.” I smiled. 

“Ew.” KaZyra groaned.

“Ew is right! Your daddy doesn’t love me Zyra! Look how mean your daddy is to me and you say he’s your favorite person.”

“Bruh chill out. I am not mean to you. This was meant to happen. Now y’all two just need to be happy about another person being added. Y’all have to cheer up. We all can go out and celebrate.”

“I want to go to Papa Storm house.” Zyra pouted as she climbed off the bed and walked out the room. 

“She looks nothing like me so I can still deny her.” DiZarie laughed. 

“She has your attitude though. So, I know for sure she is yours. We are going to be fine.” I assured. 

“I should have been putting my jaw to better use.” She groaned plopping back onto the bed. 

“Aye yoo why you say some shit like that. You wild as fuck. We will be fine” I laughed laying back and pulling her towards my body. 

“Kalen no more after this. I am serious. You keep playing but it won’t be funny when I lock it all down.”

“You will be aight. Let’s hope it’s twins so we won’t have to go through this again.” I laughed. 

I hurried up and got up because I knew her little angry ass was going to swing. She is the only person I know that gets upset at the thought of being pregnant. CaiRee is pregnant right now and she isn’t anything like Zarie. Shorty always smiling and she so damn polite. Now here I have to see DiZarie giving me evil glares and complaining. I love her little evil ass though. 



Later the same day

I was being dramatic once I found out about being pregnant again, but I thought that was it. I was tracking my ovulation and all that other stupid shit to PREVENT pregnancy and look. I would say he had to get me when I was sleep but I don’t know. 


With my pineapples in hand I dragged to the front door. I already heard my daughter making her way towards the front door. I rolled my eyes seeing Storm on the other side of the door. I know that damn Zyra called him from her iPad or something. The only reason he would be here right now. 

“Your face is always frowned up. What did you do to baby girl? She said she wasn’t living here anymore.” Storm said laughing. 

“Please keep her. I’m going to start over. I am tired of her anyways. I am going through a hard time and she has the nerve to say she wasn’t going to live here anymore. The nerve.” I spat rolling my eyes.

“I told you that she will be the person to show you that attitude isn’t necessary. KaZyra is to you what Ja’Nyla is to Nyrae. You will have a child that is you to a T and you won’t be able to handle it. HA! It feels good to be right.” Storm laughed walking into the house.

“Whatever! Do you want me to pack her things.”

“Papa Storm can you tell my momma not to have another baby.” Zyra whined walking into Storms arms. 

She is so damn spoiled. 

“Are you pregnant? What the hell are y’all in here doing?” Stormed asked picking her up.

“There she goes telling my business. She doesn’t want a sibling, so she wants to move. I am okay with her moving too.” I said staring my daughter down. 

She simply rolled her eyes and turn her attention back to her great grandfather. 

“Aye what you doing here P. Storm? You okay?” Kalen asked walking to the front door. 

“Your daughter called because she needs help moving.” Storm laughed. 

“Moving!? You want to leave me here with ya momma?” Kalen asked playing hurt. 

“Um excuse me? The both of y’all can move out. The nerve of her to say she doesn’t want to be here.”

“Aye come in. Why are y’all standing here at the door?”

I rolled my eyes and went back to the kitchen. I was going back to the all the fruit I took out to eat. Everyone followed behind me with my child talking shit about her leaving here because I don’t listen. Here it is my five-year-old thinking I’m supposed to listen to her.

“Aye I wanted to talk to you about something.” Kalen announced with him all in my personal space. 

“What’s that? Also please give me some space. You got what you wanted you don’t have to be all up on me right now.”

“Damn why can’t I be all on you. I love you and want to be in your space.” He cooed wrapping his arms around my waist.

Aww he can be sweet sometimes. I turned around and kissed his lips. I love his annoying ass too.

“Aye I want to talk to you about something for real. Like some next step type shit.”

“What are you thinking about? Help me up here please!”

He picked me up and sat me on the counter top. His ass didn’t move at all so whatever he wanted to talk to me about had to be serious.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” I questioned kissing his lips.

“Ew! Ugh” Zyra groaned. 

“I thought you were leaving! I thought you were going to live with papa Storm. You can leave ma’am.” I said rolling my eyes and kissing Kalen again. 

She curled her lip up in disgust before resting her head on Storm shoulder. 

“You need to leave my baby alone. Can we get back to what I wanted to talk to you about?” Kalen murmured. 

“What do you want to talk about?”

“So, what’s our next step? What happens now?”

“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked stuffing watermelon into my mouth.

“What are we doing next? What is our next move going to be?” He questioned staring me down. 

“I don’t know. We have another baby coming so I have to get my mind ready to be a mommy of two. I mean I don’t know what else you want me to say.”

“That’s all you want from this. I mean,”

“Little nigga you about to propose? You trying to get married?” Storm blurted out.

“Wait what? Is that what you mean? Is that what you were about to ask?” I questioned looking around. 

“What are you looking around for?” Kalen laughed. 

“A ring. Are you about to propose?” I squealed still searching. 

“I don’t know. You a little iffy so I need to see if you want something like that. You not about to embarrass a nigga.”

‘Ew I’ve been with you or this long and you think I don’t want a ring in the end. I’m invested in this. You and I are in this forever sir. Two babies and five years! We are never breaking up so bring me the ring. Wait did your grandfather just start something? You don’t really want to marry me?”

“You are saying a lot. That’s what I wanted to talk about though. I already knew your ass wasn’t going nowhere but I started thinking about making that shit official official.” He expressed. 

“So, what does this mean? Do you have a ring in your pocket because this conversation would end so perfectly if you had a ring?” I smiled. 

“That would be a perfect ending, but I didn’t know how this conversation would end. So not right now but I will do it soon.”

“Ahh shit nigga you had me ready to call up ya momma.” Storm said groaning. 

“Eww I just got mad excited for no reason.”

“I mean we would get the ring, but I just had to know that we were on the same page.” Kalen explained. 

“Fine!” I pouted.

“This is some exciting shit. I honestly didn’t think you would want to be married. So this was a safe way for me.”

“I believe that most women want to be married.”

“You also hate being placed in the same category as most women. You are so set on being independent that’s an I don’t know situation with you.”

“True! Well for your information I love you and I would love to have your last name.” I admitted before kissing his lips. 

I love Kalen and I had no plans on going anywhere. But I will admit I don’t think I would have just openly gone to talk to him about marriage. Shoot I didn’t have a problem with what we had right now. I mean we both know what we have with one another but just the thought of me having his last name made me feel all warm inside. So yeah I definitely would love to be his wife.

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