The Beginning of A New Rule


Kween Bri

You see when Somi tells me I am not going to do something I normally will go along with it but the fact that his ass decided to laugh in my face had me pissed. Sonai was out in California and Sora never loved the life of being in the street.  But I wanted to take over. I wasn’t happy with being in the house and I wanted to do that shit on a global scale. I just need to get my sisters to agree to be a part of this. They may not want to because they not really about that life and listen to their significant other for no damn reason. But if can get them to agree I was thinking about hitting up that crazy girl I met in New York. She barely listened to her husband and she off the wall. Do you know what I can get done with her on the team too? I can do sooo much with that lady and her girls on my team. 

I already sent out a text that we need to do a group FaceTime and they were down for it. So that was about to start any minute and I was nervous about their answer. 


I look down and it was them calling. I quickly answered and Sonai looked like her ass already had an attitude. So, this might be an issue with getting her to agree. 

“So, what’s up y’all? Are y’all alone? I don’t need one of y’all husbands telling my business.” I sassed rolling my eyes. 

“No of course Zaiid isn’t here. His ass always out in the damn streets.” Sonai groaned. 

“Arab just went to go meet up with her momma.” Sora added.

“I would ask about what’s going on with you and Zaiid but I really want to get out what I have to say. We can get back to whatever going on with y’all.” I let out. 

“It’s nothing I just want my husband home more. Maybe I need to open another daycare location or something. I’m getting bored.” Sonai admitted. 

“Well good because what I’m about to propose will help us all cure boredness.” I let out excitedly. 

“Hell, no to whatever you’re trying to do. I already know it’s some bullshit.” Sora declined. 

“Man, I want to let y’all in on a business venture. On some real shit I’m ready to take over again. My kids are raised, and I have nothing to do. So, I think it’s time that I get my crown back. You know do that shit on a greater scale though. You out there in Cali. Sora and I are here. Then I want to reach out to the lady out in New York. I feel like we can do a lot.” I voiced. 

“Bitch I got out of that line of work for a reason. I don’t fuck with that life.”

“I’m in.” Sonai agreed. 

Shit I thought she would be the one I needed to convince to join in. 

“Sora you need to do it. Do you know how epic this shit would be a whole female take over.” I hyped up. 

“I wasn’t good at that shit before.”

“But now you have the master on your side. I ran the whole state of California and no one knew. Like come on now don’t disrespect me.” I reasoned. 

“Are you being serious right now?” Sora questioned. 

“No shit I am being serious as fuck! I want this and we can definitely take over everything and I really just want Somi to come begging me to stop.”

“Aht! I see you on that bullshit. What happened between the two of you?” Sora questioned. 

“He fuckin’ laughed at me when I told him I wanted to help him out. I am tired of him disrespecting me. So now it’s time to teach him a lesson and make him respect my gangsta.” I admitted. 

“Nigga you have lost your mind but shit I’m always down with humbling Somi. If you can really get this shit started, then I’m all in.” Sora gave in. 

“Aye!! That’s what the fuck I’m talking about. I’m about to go and have a meeting so I will talk to you later.”

“A meeting? With who and where the fuck are you?” Sonai questioned. 

“I’m in New York. It’s a meet up bitches. I told you this shit is going to be real.”

“Ew bitch I could have gone on a trip. Anyways let me know when you get back home.” Sora sassed before hanging up. 

“Shit I’ll be in Georgia tomorrow.” Sonai announced hanging up. 

Now all I needed to do was convince Nyrae and see if she can get her ladies on board. Man, this shit would be something else if we all can do this shit. Do you know to what proportions I can take over this shit? Man, Somi will definitely be hurting out here if this shit works out in my favor.

“My bad for being late. I completely forgot I was supposed to be going out with my niece today.” Nyrae let out as she walked up with some pregnant wild haired girl.

“It’s all good I haven’t been here for long. How are you doing?”

“I’m good. Don’t mind her she’s being a little evil today.” Nyrae said pointing towards her niece.

“She looks like she’s over everything. So, I will get straight to the point. I want to start a female take over. My husband doesn’t value me as one of the greatest women to ever do this shit. I am not Griselda Blanco or no shit like that, but I was definitely a few miles away from reaching that level. But anyways I feel disrespected, so I wanted to show him what’s up. A full female take over. I have my sister in laws down with it and we can do a lot of shit to have some ladies here too. From your attitude and from what I know about you from Symeer I know you on some official shit. Adding you and your ladies to the gang would be everything.” I voiced. 

“I can kill the shit out of a mothafucka, but I don’t know shit about that.”

“We will have works I just need bossed up females running shit. I hate having to explain shit to someone or having to watch over a mothafuckas shoulder. Boss ass females in their own lane someone I don’t have to tell everything to. From the time I was around you and from how highly your husband speaks of you I thought you and your ladies would be a great addition.” I explained. 

“How would this work?” Nyrae questioned. 

“Well right now I want to make sure all ladies will be on board. Once that’s established everything will be explained. I have a dope supplier and I know a Jamaican nigga that has some fire Haze. I was thinking about seeing someone that can come up with some dope shit in pill form. Everything my husband isn’t doing I want to do so when he does comeback to me about his issues I want to rub it in his face that not only am I on that level but a group on females did this shit. I did this shit for years and no one knew. It only came out because of my ex pulled that bitch nigga shit and tried to kidnap a bitch.” I spat. 

“Wait what? Oh bitch you crazy. I like what you’re saying so I’ll talk to my girls and I’ll get back to you.”

“I’m sure I can come up with a pill form. I want in.”

“Arent you pregnant? You shouldn’t be doing no shit like that.” I disputed. 

“I have a degree in chemistry and to top it off I know what I can and can’t do while pregnant. Went through all of this the first time around with my first child.” She sassed. 

“What’s your name?” I questioned. 

“DiZarie.” She replied.

“Hmm we will talk. Nyrae talk with your girls and get back to me. My son has a basketball game so I gotta get back home.” I said standing up. 

We all stood to our feet and slapped hands with each other before going our separate ways. I am hype as hell. I dead ass might be starting one of the larges female empires. Somi asked for it. 



I almost didn’t have this meeting with my girls about this business venture but DiZarie little ass talked me into it. I should have never taken her ass with me, but I wasn’t about to take her all the way home and go meet up with that Kween girl. I didn’t expect that when she asked could we meet up to talk. The reason behind her doing it was something I would do myself. I hate when Symeer try to tell me what to do. But the idea of an all-female empire had me saying I was all in. I just needed to get my girls to agree to it too. 

“Bitch why we meeting in here? We don’t come in here unless it’s some real shit.” Jana asked as we all stood in my stash spot. 

This room right here Symeer couldn’t hear shit. All locked up and sound proof once I hit the red button. Right now it has to be that way because this was some real shit. 

“Okay so what’s up?” Aubrielle asked scrolling through her phone. 

“Bitch when are you going to stop being petty and start talking to Camille again?” Jana asked. 

“I’m fine with this.” Lou added. 

“Me too.” DiZarie added.

“Why are you here? You too young to be in this room with us right now.” Jana joked. 

“Because I’m a real one so I made it to the inner circle.” DiZarie smiled. 

“Okay well we are here today because I was made a proposition today? Well we all were made one.” I explained. 

“To do what? I don’t have time for no crazy shit.” Jana disputed. 

“Well it’s a job proposition. I was a little iffy about it but the more I thought about it the more I’m becoming okay with it. Basically, Kween Bri from Atlanta wants to start an all female empire. We are basically going to be doing what our husbands are doing but on a greater scale. I never been nobody drug dealer but shiiittt I don’t mind adding Queen Pin to my resume. So, what’s up? Brie out in Philly so that’s another area we can spread out to.” I let out. 

“Um ma’am you just said that our husbands are running things right now. Why the hell would we do the same thing they’re doing?” Jana asked. 

“Hostile takeover. You never wanted to join your husband at work and they just shoot you down. It’s a perfect time to show that we can do just about everything and being that we are already bossed the fuck out we can be even better. We should definitely do this shit and knock them off their square. Who doesn’t love a HOSTILE TAKE OVER!” I hyped. 

“Ahh get the fuck out of here are you serious right now?” Lou asked laughing.

“Yeah I am dead ass serious. Man we should do this because I mean we don’t need the money but the amount of power we can have is fuckin orgasmic just at the though.” I gushed. 

“You dead ass about this?” Jana asked. 

“Man if you don’t have a problem with it then fuck it count me in. if it’s some fuck shit I’m out.” Lou added. 

“Come on Jana. I can’t do this shit without my right hand.” I admitted. 

“Fine I’m in.”


“Aight man.” Brie gave in. 

“Ahh we are really about to do this. Aight it’s a go. I’ll text her and let her know what’s up.”

Me: Aye they all in. So we are going to follow your lead.


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