I’ve been adjusting to motherhood very well. I wouldn’t say it was easy but with Kalen by my side it definitely easier to navigate through. KaZyra has been in this world all of three months and I was finally starting to feel like myself again. I am thankful enough I haven’t had those postpartum depression feelings that other mothers talked to me about. My mother was checking on me every other day to see how I was feeling or if I wanted to talk about anything. I didn’t feel any different and I give props to Kalen for it. There hasn’t been a time where I felt overwhelmed because he was always on. He would sit and talk to me to see where my mind was. He gave me breaks. When she wakes up at night he lets me sleep when he knows I’m real tired. Like when I say he’s up on everything he is up on it. This really surprised me but then again, he’s always been aight.

“Aye Zo just said him and CaiRee on their way over here. You and CaiRee supposed to be going somewhere?” Kalen asked walking into our room. 

“Yeah. Your aunt invited us to some lunch at her house. I was going to take KaZyra but I don’t like the weather outside. I was honestly going to tell her I couldn’t make it today.” I informed as I changed my baby’s diaper. 

“Go out and chill for a bit because when you come back home that’s it. We need to catch up on spending time together. It’s either I’m out on assignments or we are too busy with her that we don’t spend time together.”

“I would love that.” I cooed. 

“Bet money. So, go on get ready so you can go to whatever crazy ass lunch my Annie has planned and hurry up back home.” He murmured picking up KaZyra from the bed. 

“I need to pump.” I groaned feeling on my breast. 

Kalen eyes went directly to my chest as he licked his lips and just stared. Yeah, his nasty ass was turned on by that.

“Kalen I’m going to claw your eyes out. That so is perverted.” I laughed. 

“No, it’s not. Why can’t I think you’re sexy in anything you do?”

“Because you can’t see the way you look at me. It’s weird. I love you and all but bae you are a creep.” I laughed. 

“Well go on and do whatever you gotta do. I’m about to go downstairs with her and wait for Zo to get here.” He announced before walking out the room with baby girl in his arms. 

I didn’t want to go but when I got the message from Nyrae telling me who all was going to be there I changed my mind. The reason why I wasn’t taking KaZyra with me because I was solely going just to lay hands on Kalyla. My mother had told Kalen and his whole family that I could hold a grudge. I did not forget when that bitch charged at me while I was carrying my child. Shit I didn’t forget a damn thing she said to me. So, when I promised to beat her ass, I meant that shit. I don’t hand out threats. Bitch once it left my lips it was a promise. 

So, in my mind Nyrae wanted this to happen. She out of all people should have known I don’t speak just to hear myself. I meant each warning I gave out. Kalyla lucky my mother already whooped Camille ass because I would whoop her ass too. But I’m happy to just fuck her daughter up. After this I will definitely let the grudge go. Shit because I am still pissed that they tried me that much while I was carrying my child. This will definitely erase everything that happened to me during that time. 


I was dressed in a pair of black leggings and a plain white tee shirt. I had on my brand new black construction boots on and them bitches were laced tight. When CaiRee and I left the house, Kalen was so fixated on how much hips spread after our daughter he didn’t pay attention to the whole outfit. He did notice that a bitch was dressed to get it poppin’. Shit I had my face all greased up and my hair up in a ponytail. I am going to tear this bitch up and that’s on my daughter. 

“Bitch you really about to go in there and fight this girl?” CaiRee laughed as we talked to the front door of Nyrae’s house.

“Bitch!! I said it out my mouth and I meant that shit. I am not playing with her ass. I will never be at ease if I don’t fuck that girl up. It will eat at me until I lay hands on her. I tried to be a change woman but lord his family tried me sooo much. It’s only right I keep my word.” I confessed. 

“You are a fuckin’ nut. You done had your baby and everything is good. Just move on.” She laughed. 

“Cai I can’t it’s something I really have to get out of my system. My whole pregnancy I was angry and stressed. I almost lost my daughter during that time too. Shit that bitch even charged at me and had me fall to the floor pregnant and all. There is no talking me out of this.” I asserted.

Cai just laughed and shook her head. Shit they can take it how they want but I was still going to do what I wanted. Sheiiiit. 

“Damn what took y’all so long? Where is my niece?” Nyrae asked as soon as she opened the door. 

“She is with her daddy. I didn’t want to bring her out today.” I informed walking into the house. 

“Ew I could have changed the date. I wanted to see my baby. Well everyone is in the back. I’m finishing up the food now.” Nyrae said point towards her back patio door. 

I nodded my head and walked towards the back. When I opened the door Kalen’s mother was the first one to see me. I saw Camille bitch ass was in attendance and I wasn’t happy about seeing her. I guess she can witness her daughter getting her ass beat. Hopefully it will spark up some bad memories of my momma beating her ass. 

“Hi, where is my grandbaby?” Lou asked standing up to hug me. 

“She’s at the house with Kalen and Zo. I didn’t plan on staying here too long.” I admitted. 

When I saw Kalyla standing in the corner with her back towards me whatever everyone else was saying to me was blocked up. At that moment everything else around us faded into the background. I didn’t hear shit and all I saw was this hoe ass bitch. Without saying another word, I walked right over to her and kicked that bitch dead in her back. She flew forward and hit her face on the bricks of Nyrae house. 

She tried to scramble to her feet and that wasn’t about to happen. I pounced on her ass and started eating her face up. Kalyla got a hit in on my jaw and that shit pissed me off even more. I wrapped her hair around my fist with one hand and the other was repeatedly smashed in her face. This bitch was definitely going to be leaving with a broken nose or something. Fuck her stupid ass. 

I felt someone trying to grab me from behind and I went off on them. Standing to my feet I kicked Kalyla in her back and turned around to see that it was this bitch Camille putting her hands on me. She wanted to intervene so she was about to get these hands too. I swear I didn’t want to hit the old ass lady but her ass needed to mind her fuckin’ business. Bitch I brought my hands up to the heavens and came down hard as fuck slapping the fuck outta her. 

“I told you bitch when I drop my baby that was your ass. Bitch you wanted to attack me while I was carrying my daughter!?” I shouted turning back to Kalyla. 

I was throwing punch and after punch at her ass. Shit adding hella force behind each blow. The more I thought about that shit the madder I got. 

“Bitch fuck you and that baby!” Kalyla shouted. 

Wrong fuckin’ move! I don’t know why she thought that shit was about to be cool for her hoe ass to say some shit like that out her mouth. I hit her ass this mean ass uppercut and she stumbled back a couple of times and once she got her shit together she charged at me. Fuck her I wasn’t about to let her ass throw me off. I charged right back and swung on her ass barely hitting her ass. This bitch hit me and that shit connected. It pissed me the fuck off that this hoe shit really commented. Her ass punched me in my ear and my shit was ringing right now. That wasn’t about to stop me though. 

I kicked my leg out sutter sweeping her ass. She fell to the floor and I just let kick after kick off to her side. I hoped this bitch ribs break or something. Fuck this hoe. 

“Hey!! Little bit what the hell are you doing?” I heard a man scream. 

I went to kick her ass again and I was swooped up off the floor. 

“My shit is still ringing and just for that bitch I am beating your ass every time we are in the same place. ON SIGHT EVERY TIME BITCH! Bitch remember the boots because these shit’s will be coming to your face again hoe! I don’t forget bitch! EVERY TIME BITCH!” I shouted trying to get out of this mans hold. 

“Little bit if you hit me, I am going to fuck you up. Calm your ass down. Why you out here putting your hands-on people.” The guy said laughing. 

“Because I told her ass when I dropped my baby, she was getting her ass whooped and I meant that shit.” I gritted. 

“Yo ass crazy. Jana baby come here.”

I rolled my eyes once I realized it was Kalen’s uncle Zamor holding me. 

“What the hell you want me to do? Hell nah because if she hit me Kalen going to be upset about me beating her ass. Let her go. She got out whatever anger she was holding on to so it’s all good now.” Jana murmured. 

“You going to chill if I let you go?” Zamor asked.

“Not at all. She got my ear ringing. I more pissed off than I was coming over here. I am going to get that hoe in the face when you let me go.” I admitted. 

“Aight bet. So, I’m going to take you to your car. Take yo ass home and cool off. CaiRee you drive. Her ass needs to relax.” Zamor ordered as he walked back to my car with me still locked in his arms. 

“I will be coming to your house later. Man Zarie.” Nyrae groaned as I was being carried out. 

I could careless how they felt about this, but I got what I wanted, and I have another date with beating her ass. Bitch next time I see that hoe it is on sight again. She better hope my shit is back to normal later on today because if not I am really going to put that hoe in the hospital. 

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