“Hold on I’m coming!” I shouted as I made my way down the steps. 

When I got to my front door there stood Kalens father. I did not feel like talking to him, but I guess I’ll let him in. Shoot I don’t even know why he was here right now. 

“Hey what’s going on?” I questioned as I opened the door and let him inside. 

I took in his appearance and I was so confused right now. He was dressed up in a fitted suit and I was beyond confused right now. 

“Zyzy said she needed me to step in for Kalen. She has a father daughter recital today?” He questioned rubbing his hands down the jacket of his suit.

“What? Her nor her dance teacher said it was a father daughter recital. Kalen wouldn’t have gone to the assignment had he known. KaZyra come here!” I yelled out. 

She slowly climbed down the steps all dressed up already and I was confused as hell right now. 

“Yesssss momma,” She groaned. 

“What is going on? Why didn’t you tell me and your daddy he had to be there? He wouldn’t had gone to work so he can be here.” I groaned. 

“Well I will be better than the other girls there because they will only have one dad. Papa Storm is coming, grandpa and pop pop will do it with me.” She shrugged.

“Wait you asked all of them to do it. KaZyra what the hell? What is going on right now? When did you ask them to do it? How do they know your dance? KaZyra,”

“They come to my dance school too. I told Ms. K that I want them to do it and she called them to practice. They’ve been coming.” She informed. 

“And none of y’all thought to tell me or at least Kalen that she was doing this? What the hell is going on right now?”

I closed my eyes for a minute and just shook my head. Kalen had been gone for a week and he was going to be back home tonight. It wasn’t before her recital, so he asked me to record it. But seeing his father, P. Storm and my daddy doing this with her he is going to feel some type of way about this. Lord this child of mine.

“But daddy helped me practice and he had to work so I didn’t want to do it by myself. Ms. K said I can do my solo with them.” She explained. 

“Zyra did you tell daddy it was a daddy daughter performance?” 

She just rolled her eyes and shrugged her little shoulders. I swear this child of mine. Kalen will be pissed that he wasn’t about to do this. 

“Umm so why are you here so early?” I questioned Kyle. 

“I need practice again. Have you spoken to Kalen?” Kyle asked as he took his suit jacket off. 

I slightly rolled my eyes and shook my head no. He stared at me for a bit before I just turned to walk away. I went up the steps to go back to my bedroom because I wasn’t about to sit and chit chat with his ass. As soon as I entered the room, I saw my phone lighting up on the bed indicating that I was getting a call. It was no one but CaiRee or Kalen calling me, so I rushed to pick it up. Just like I thought it was Kalen facetiming me. 

“Yo on some real shit I love you!” Kalen said as soon as the facetime connected. 

“Um I love you too. Are you okay?”

“Yeah man. Why can’t I just tell my girl I love her?” He laughed. 

“Oh I thought something happened. It was random as hell. But do you think you can come home earlier?”

“You miss a nigga already. I’ll be home before you go to sleep.” He informed. 

“Your daughter asked P. Storm, my father and your father to be her dance partners tonight because she has a daddy daughter performance.”

“What? All those times I was helping her practice she didn’t tell me about that! I wouldn’t have gone on this assignment. Why didn’t she tell me?” He groaned. 

“She said because you had to work. Maybe you need to start taking less assignments Kalen.” I suggested. 

“I need to get this money for our family. I’m going to see what I can do so I can be there before the show tonight. How are you feeling?”

“Fine I guess. Your father is here right now. So I’m hiding in our room.” I laughed. 

“Still don’t fuck with him? Man when are you going to get over it?”

“Ehh I don’t know. Everything is cool how it is.” I shrugged. 

“Ohh that just reminded me to tell you that Kalyla is going to be at the recital so please behave.” He warned. 

“Why is she invited to anything concerning my child. You know I promised to beat her ass every time I saw her. Man I’m getting pissed just thinking about that hoe punching me in the ear.” I gritted. 

“Well get over that shit. You are carrying my child and it’s our daughters dance recital. Get over it and be cordial. Shit you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to. Just know you better not show your ass at the show tonight.” 

I rolled my eyes and let out a snort. He wasn’t about to tell me what to do. If that hoe looked at me funny I’m going to slap her ass. 

“Aight let me get off this phone. I’m about to make arrangements so I can get back home earlier. I Love you”

“I love you too,” I replied then disconnecting the call.


Kalen still hadn’t shown up yet and we were all at the dance studio for the recital. Sitting in the middle of the auditorium with my camera ready to record my baby up there dancing her little butt off. Seeing how she got and grandfathers and great grandfather to agree to the recital had me eager to see this dance. I did not know they were practicing this routine, but I was definitely ready to see this. The lights in the auditorium and the show was about to start. Quickly I pressed the play button because my baby solo routine was first, and I wasn’t about to miss a minute of this dance. 

“Coming to the stage we have little Miss KaZyra Brown and her pop pop D’Eric, Grandpa Kyle and her great grandfather Papa Storm. Put your hands together and welcome them to the stage.”

They all walked out on stage and my eyes instantly started watering. The way the family loves on my baby is everything.

“Hey this is Kalen’s bag,” Lou whispered handing me a duffle bag.

I glanced around to see if I saw him and I smiled once I saw him making his way down the aisle towards the stage. 

“Ah!! Daddy you’re here!” KaZyra squealed jumping off the stage. 

I almost died when she did that. I swear this little girl is so damn reckless. Kalen had to run so he could catch her ass. 

“This little girl is going to give me a heart attack.” I groaned. 

Kalen got on stage and the other three men stepped towards the back while Zyra and Kalen stood in the front center waiting for the music to start. The music started playing and my baby was so into the dance. You can see my daddy and them in the background Kalen trying to keep up with KaZyra and I just shook my head. Lord my man couldn’t dance to save his life but KaZyra didn’t care because she was all smiles as she danced and watched her daddy do the moves.  

The song switch and my baby was going hard with the dance moves. She had the face of yeah I’m killing it!You couldn’t tell her nothing she just know she freakin’ it right now. 

“THAT’S MY BABY RIGHT THERE! I GAVE BIRTH TO THAT RIGHT THERE!” I shouted out cheering my baby on. 

“DiZarie sit down.” My mother harshly whispered and she pulled at my shirt. 

“No that’s my baby up there killing it.” I gushed never taking my eyes off the stage. 

My baby was up there with the fire mix and killing each dance move. I’m a proud momma right now.


I could hear a few parents laughing in the audience. 

“Yeah I helped her make this.” Kalen added as he danced off beat with KaZyra on the stage. 

“The two of you don’t know how to act.” Lou laughed. 

“Kalen up there dancing like somebody white grandpa.” My mother joked. 

“Don’t do my man. He look up there putting on a show with my baby. They both up there killing it.” I laughed. 

“Y’all know Kalen is my heart but he look crazy up there,” Nyrae groaned. 

The music stopped and everyone on the stage took a moment to bow to finish up the routine. 

“That’s my man and my daughter right there. Up there killing the dance moves. Zyzy mommy see you baby! Kalen you looking good baby! YASSS!” I cheered as I stood up clapping extra hard. 

I looked at the rest of our family who looked embarrassed and I signaled for them to stand up and clap too. They weren’t about to play my babies up there. But as I did all of this it reminded me of all the times my mother acted a fool at my dance shows. I used to be so embarrassed, but right now in the moment I know exactly why she did it each time. Mother hood definitely made everything that my mother use to do make sense. KaZyra might get on my nerves sometimes with that little attitude but that little girl is my pride and joy.

I will always be my baby’s biggest cheerleader.

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