The Beginning Of A New Rule 2



“Wait what do you have planned with my Annie? I told you I didn’t like you being around her and my other aunts. They fuckin’ with your head.” Kalen disputed as I got dressed. 

CaiRee and I were getting ready to head out too Georgia with Nyrae and her crew. I was dead serious when I said I would join. This was something that can probably give me some kind of excitement. Storm wouldn’t give me the green light to be his clean up person and the job I had before wasn’t cutting it for me. It wasn’t exciting for me at all. So right now, I was a stay at home mother, and it wasn’t anything I wanted to do at all. The meeting Nyrae had with Kween definitely caught my interest and being that Cai was down with it we were definitely moving forward with being a part of the group.

“Do you hear me? You need to be sitting in the house with your feet up until my son is born. I don’t know what you have planned with my Annie, but that shit isn’t working for me.” He continued.

“You don’t even know what’s going to happen. I am not doing anything that will put our child in harm. We are simply taking a trip and coming back. Zobie isn’t giving CaiRee a hard time with her going,” I argued. 

“You dressed like you are about to go do something you have no business doing. I don’t trust my Annie not to have you in no fuck shit. I know that lady and she is off a little bit. That lady is my heart but come on. Whatever y’all have planned you can count it out of your plans.”

“Ugh Kalen I love you I swear I do but you can’t tell me what to do. I am not doing anything wrong. I probably be home tomorrow or later on today. It’s okay!” I assured. 

“If something happens to my son, I am going to fuck you up Zarie.” He threatened. 

“Ugh! Love you too.” I smiled.

“I see you’re trying to be funny. Where are y’all going?” He probed. 

“Do I ask you these many questions when you leave out the house every day. I said I was coming back home that’s all that matters. I am out here meeting new people.”

“Fuck it I’m going with you.” He declared.


Nyrae:We are outside. Come on we need to get to the air strip.

“Can you help me up. They’re downstairs waiting for me.” I asked holding my hands out for him to help me up off the floor. 

“Look! Your ass can barely walk, and you have the nerve to be sitting here wearing heels and trying to travel somewhere.” He complained. 

“I only asked you to help me up because I was sitting on the floor. I am not that big. I am definitely carrying smaller than I did with Zyra. I look cute don’t I?”

“Change your shoes. I don’t know what the hell you plan on doing or what my annie about to do but I don’t need your ass out here falling and shit.”

“Fine Kalen. Can you go get my sandals so I can go.”

I’ll give in and do what he’s asking. I was definitely going to take my shoes with me to change later. Kalen is doing the absolute most. 

“Here,” he called out passing me my sandals and rushing out the room. 

I swear he was being dramatic right now. I quickly changed shoes and was out the bedroom going to downstairs to get in the car. As soon as I hit the bottom on the steps there stood my unhappy child waiting for me to come down. 

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked.

“Mommy I don’t feel good. Can we lay down?” She whined. 

“What’s wrong?” I questioned picking her up. 

I know damn well I shouldn’t be picking her heavy ass up right now, but she’s being too nice to me right now. The only time she’s nice when she doesn’t feel good. So, this had to be real. Maybe I should stay home. With her in my arms I went outside to see Kalen at the sprinter trying to get information out of her on what we had planned. 

“Why are you carrying her? She damn near the same size as you. Put her ass down.” Nyrae demanded. 

“She said she doesn’t feel good. I think I’ll just stay home. Fill me in when you comeback.” I announced. 

“Yeah don’t even bother filling her in because whatever y’all planned on doing my wife don’t need no parts.” Kalen added.

“Kalen you can’t tell what I can and cannot do.” I disputed. 

“Fuck what he talking about. Get your ass in the car and she has a daddy to take care of her. Shit you will be back in the morning.” Nyrae ordered. 

“But she wants me.” I pouted looking down at my baby who really looked like she didn’t feel good. 

“Then get in the car with her. My girls are with me so we they can keep her while we are in the meeting.” Nyrae said taking Zyra out of my arms and passing her to Ja’Nyla.

“Come on cuz we got her and Kalen last time I checked you didn’t put a ring on her finger. Calm all that down we aren’t going to do anything to your precious girlfriend.” Ja’Nyla sassed. 

“That mouth of yours is why you ain’t got a nigga now.” Kalen pointed. 

“Kalen,” I screeched hitting him in his side. 

“Don’t say nothing. I’ll rather fuck a bitch before getting a whiney bitch nigga like you. Now can you stop hanging on her tits so we can go. Nigga you need therapy,” Ja’Nyla shot back.

“Op don’t call my baby a bitch! He far from it.” I defended. 

“I know I just knew that would get under his skin. Now can we go.” She smiled. 

“Bruh go on and hurry up back. I should go just because my Annie bought her demonic babies with her.” He gritted staring 

“Kalen!” I called out getting his attention. 


I puckered up my lips and like the baby he is he kissed me with an attitude. 

“Be safe because you never know with them. CaiRee make sure her ass not out here doing some wild shit. Annie you know I love your crazy ass but behind my baby we going to have a problem.” He warned. 

Everyone in the sprinter mouth dropped open. 

“Ohh her cat must be laced with crack to have you talking to me like that.” Nyrae laughed. 

“Man! Go on now.” Kalen laughed. 

“Well I’m leaving. I will text you when we get to our destination.” I assured. 

He nodded his head, but I could tell he still wasn’t feeling it. Now me on me on the other hand I am excited to know what was about to happen in this meeting. 


I didn’t know Georgia had big houses like this. Shit there is so much Kalen and I can do with the kind of money we have down here. This lady house looked like a damn castle. All the ladies stepped out of the sprinter that picked us up from the airport. All of us dressed in black like requested and this shit felt like some type of gang shit. It felt good. KaZyra who claimed she was sick was up and being annoying as hell. She got me with that fake ass illness. I didn’t know what I was going to do with her during this meeting. Nyrae girls were a part of this meeting so Zyra being here really threw everything off. 

“Welcome! OH MY GAAWWWD! Momma who is this little girl? Can I take her to the mall with me. Ahhh she is so tiny.” This light skin girl squeal charging at Zyra. 

I stepped in front of my child and held my hand up.

“Excuse me. Not my child! Back up I don’t know you like that. Greet me before going for my child. I don’t know you and you don’t know me.”

“My bad this is my daughter Asya. She is just like her damn father and aunties. They don’t care who it is if they see a cute baby, they just go crazy. Asya get out that girl child’s face!”Kween said.

“Lady I am not going to do anything to your baby. I think she is gorgeous. That’s all” she replied throwing her hands up. 

“Well she can’t sit in the meeting so let her go on with Asya. I give you my word nothing will happen to your daughter.” Kween Assured.

“Oh lord,” I groaned 

“Does she know how to talk?” Kween asked.

“Yeah she’s five! Of course she can talk.” I replied. 

“Well then she can’t stay with you. Asya you keep that baby safe while she’s with you! Don’t have me,”

“Okayyy I don’t need to hear all of that momma. I am not going to let anything happen to her.” Her daughter snapped. 

“Listen anything happen to my child you and your whole family will have to see me. I don’t give a fuck who ya momma is and I don’t give a fuck what kind of life y’all live. I will die and kill behind mine.”

“Aight so we all have an understanding because I don’t play behind mine either!” Kween spoke up. 

“Take it how you want. I said what the fuck I said.”

“Calm down killa,” Nyrae joked. 


“Okay so you all were asked here today because everyone has agreed to start this new venture. As you all know I said I already had the supplier for weed and for the best coke in the united states.”

“How and who?” my mother in law asked. 

“Weed is from a nigga out in Jamaica that I was using out in Cali. He stopped supplying here when I decided to step down. The nigga was hella excited when I decided to go back in business. I had a take with Nyrae and DiZarie about also coming up with an addiction concoction in pill form. DiZarie said that her and her friend can come up with that. They both have degrees in chemistry, so they are going to come up with that. The plan that I have is to take over and make my husband beg me to stop.”

“Kween you didn’t tell me that was the purpose!” An older Spanish guy snapped. 

“Daddy why does it matter why I am doing it all. You’re supply and I’m paying for it. It’s not like you’re giving it to me for free.”

“You are going to cause a street war because you want your husband to get on his knees and beg you to stop.” Her father argued. 

“NO!! I am doing this because there was a time here, I was on top. He seems to forget that I am one of the best females to ever do this shit. He doesn’t take me seriously and I feel like it was because I gave it all in the name of love. I gave it up to raise my children. I dedicated my years to being a great mother and wife so for Somi to play me the way he did has me pissed. He laughed and decided to also tell me no like he could really tell me what to do. It’s like his ass forgot who the fuck I was before he entered my life. I am the same woman who had Cali in my hands when I lived then and while I been living here in Georgia. I wouldn’t have had to go this far if he didn’t play me.” She explained. 

“So because he told you no you want to start a whole street war.”

“Shit all things is fair in love and war.” She shrugged. 

“You know what I’m not even going to stop you. Let me know what kind of shipment you’re looking for.” Her father said shaking his head and getting up to leave. 

“Don’t tell Somi either. I want to see him sweat. I want to see him going crazy behind me snatching up all his shit. I want to see his expression when he sees that it was a group of women that took his shit. I mean all of this is his fault when he said ‘females don’t belong in the streets’ Call me the next Griselda Blanco.” She smiled. 

He waved her off and left out the conference room.

“Okay so now that he’s gone ladies, we have to be ready for a war once we start. Your husbands will not be happy with the takeover. But just think of the satisfaction you will get from rubbing this in their face once they find out.” Kween gushed.

“I think you’re the only one wants to prove something to your husband.” The girl she introduced as Sora said shaking her head. 

“So, what! We are starting as soon as you all get your teams in your state. We don’t need weak mothafuckas out here because when it comes to the streets you have to have the mentality of kill or be killed. Find niggas or shit even females that can hold their own out here. Once we get that it’s a clean take off. We will all keep in contact so we can let each other know what’s going on and how shit is moving when we get out teams set.” Kween said.

“aight cool.” Nyrae spoke up. 

“Well I have some food for everyone in the kitchen. I don’t know what y’all have planned but we can sit around and eat while we all get to know each other better.” Kween informed. 

“Good because I am so damn hungry. Which way is your kitchen?” CaiRee asked standing from her seat. 

“I can show you.” The Sonai girl offered

As everyone left one by one Kween asked for me to wait so she could talk to me. When the last person left out she just stared at me like she was about to get smart. Lawd I hope that wasn’t what she was about to do because I would hate to have to go off on this lady. 

“I know you don’t know me but when it comes to my children no one lives after disrespecting mine. You threatened my child and you’re still breathing. Take that as a gift.” She threatened

“Yo listen. Listen I don’t know how shit work down here or how it works with the people around you, but I don’t fear no human on this earth. What I said to her wasn’t a threat it was a promise. Something happens to my child you along with whoever has a problem can get it. Don’t let me small stature confuse you. Don’t get it fucked up I don’t flaunt I’m about it, but you will find out testing me. That whole big dog act you are doing doesn’t work with me. So, like I said if something happens to my child or she tells me some wild shit we have a problem. Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?” I spat. 

“I see you think I’m a joke. You don’t know me so,”

“And you don’t know me. Take this how you want but you understand what the fuck I said.” I snapped cutting her off. 

I don’t know if she was big shit with these people, but she didn’t know I ain’t no one’s punk bitch. I will go to war behind mine and I will take everyone out. Shorty can be upset all she wants but I know one thing she will see how real my words are if something is wrong with my child.