Ohhh lord this daughter of mine was trying to get the whole house cursed out. We all try to be supportive of her being in cosmetology school, but I know damn well Zamor didn’t tell her ass she could do this. 

“Zaza why?” I groaned as I looked down at my sleeping husband. 

This is the only time he is at peace and not cursing everybody out when he was sleep. I was going to get a few pictures so me and Nyrae could laugh about this later.

“Didn’t I do good Ma! I am so happy he’s sleeping right now because I can do this without him complaining that I’m putting too much powder on his face.” She laughed as she continued to mess with his eyebrows. 

Zamor felt a certain type of ay about his looks and it wasn’t on an obsessive level, but it was definitely on a level of him wanting to look good at all times. Now baby girl done fucked up because the one thing I think he will flip out about is his eyebrows. He says that a person’s eyebrows are what gives you a sign if a nigga a pedophile or not. I argued his ass down about him saying some stupid shit like that, but he wasn’t giving up on that thought.

“Please tell me you didn’t mess with his eyebrows. Like that’s just from the pencil and shit right? Zaza please tell me you did nothing other than that.” I pleaded. 

“I just cleaned them a little bit. You know he don’t like his eyebrows looking crazy.” She smiled as she continued. 

Zaza ass couldn’t tell the difference between cleaning or a trim. Her ass was scissor and razor happy. I wasn’t about to say shit right not though. Zamor wasn’t about to yell at me for this shit. 

“Well do you baby girl.” I praised. 

I snapped my pictures and I went to my bedroom. 


“ZAMORA!! I know the fuck you didn’t!” Zamor yelled. 

“Nyrae he’s up. I have to go because this man about to try and kill my child.” I laughed hanging up the phone. 

As I got out the bed to go find him he was already barging his way into our bedroom. 

“Hell no! Her ass gotta go. You better fuckin’ call NYPD right now. I look like predator of the year! What the fuck is wrong with your child? I gave her life, and this is how she repays me. What the fuck am I going to do? You went from having a nigga like me to you having to keep a nigga in the house. I can’t believe she would do some shit like this. I thought you loved me Jana.” He ranted. 

“What? How does that have anything to do with me? You look like a bad bitch right now. I love you even though your eyebrows look better than mine. Turtle she really arched your eyebrows.” I laughed reaching out to touch them. 

He stepped back and gave me the death glare. 

“I need to question who I married.” He spat. 

“Don’t have me slap you. They are just eyebrows Zamor. They will grow back so please stop being dramatic.” I groaned. 

“Ain’t shit poppin off until this shit grow out. You ain’t getting no dick since you think this shit so funny and that family vacation we have planned that shit getting cancelled. I hope this shit right here was worth it.”

“I sent the picture to your mother and Nyrae. Turtle they was on that phone cutting yo ass. Ya momma though her ass was Chris Rock on the phone. I had to catch her a few times because she really went in.”

“Where my phone at. See you like doing shit like this to me because you like when my momma curse my ass out. You should have kept that shit to yourself because now I’m about to call her to go in. Where the hell my phone at?” He snapped walking around the room with a whole ass attitude looking for his phone. 

He couldn’t find his he went for mine and like I knew he would he facetimed his mother. As soon as she answered she started yelling for her husband and she laughed in my baby face. 

“You think this is funny?” Zamor snapped. 

“Don’t laugh at my baby. He is sensitive about this situation right now.” I cut in laughing.

“I can’t believe I’ve been married to yo disloyal ass all this time. In my time of need Jana.”

“Where Zaza at? She did ya eyebrows like that guy from the videos she always showing me.” Momma Ruthie laughed. 

“What videos ma?” I egged on. 

“Ahhh you know the video of that guy and the lil girl from town girls.” She laughed. 

“Look at ya old ass. On here talking about some damn town girls. Know something before you try to crack jokes granny Rock. Imma get KayZyra to hit you in that bad hip. You know you ain’t been sturdy these days.” Zamor warned. 

“Ahhhh his eyebrows arch more when he big mad. He’s giving me mm your giving me bad bitch vibes. I thought I raised a strong king but I’ll take a queen too. The arch honey yesss!!” Momma Ruthie joked. 

My mouth dropped open and my eyes cut to Zamor. He was stuck he didn’t have a come back. 

“I’m putting Zamora up for adoption. She got my momma disrespecting me! Hell nah it was good while it lasted.” Zamor snapped. I sat on the bed next to him in tears. This nigga was legit angry right now. 

“Jana you ain’t shit. You supposed to be my wife. I ain’t have shit to say back to her old ass. Damn. ZAMORA!! PACK YA SHIT UP LIL GIRL! YOU GOTTA GO.” Zamor yelled walking out the room. 

When he left out all laughing stopped. I need to go make sure his crazy ass wasn’t trying to put my baby out the house for real.