When the quiet girl meets the smooth talker


I don’t know why I decide to go anywhere with Rj. I thought it would be a normal day out because we were going to the mall. I should have known that go anywhere with my cousin will never be normal.

“Meme you trying to get you a nigga or something. I ain’t never seen you dressed like this before. I know Unk and see ya ass come out the house like this either. Too much skin showing baby girl.” Rj ranted pulling at my hair. 

“Move! You are so annoying.” I laughed pushing him away from me. 

I pulled at the shirt I had on and I instantly regret listening to Uncle Radio. He was the one that told me I needed to stop dressing like somebody grandma. I was too young and beautiful to be walking around with them dull colored grandma clothes on. I told my momma what he said, and she actually agreed with him. That was a shocker because the two of them bickered like brother and sister. She always tells me Rj is to me what Radio is to her. A pain in the ass. Rj was definitely a pain in my ass. But I wasn’t siding with my momma when she says Uncle Radio was a pain in the ass because in my eyes he could do no wrong. 

“Meme I hope you aren’t going in here trying to look for a nigga. You gotta ease me into it.” Rj groaned. 

I wasn’t about to go back and forth with his ass. There were some sneakers that came out today that I was going for. I wasn’t about to sit here and try to talk him into being ready for me to do anything. As I rushed towards foot locker I didn’t even notice that Rj took a detour. Here I was now alone with Rj nowhere in sight and girls we went to school with making their way in my direction. I didn’t feel like going through the shit, so I tried to move around to avoid them. That did nothing because Phobie swerved so she could be in front of me.

“Dressing like this won’t have anyone interested in you. There are plenty of big girls trying to set a trend to show more but that’s not something you need to follow. Go back to the sweatpants and big ass sweaters. I can let you know that on behalf of everyone with eyes this isn’t something we wanted to see at all.” She laughed.

“You worry about the wrong things. I’m not in the mood today. Get out of my way.” I gritted trying to move pass her.

Her and the bandit of ghostly looking hoes tried to corner me up and shit.

“Do we have a fuckin’ problem here?” I heard from behind me.

“Oh bitch that’s Zamor! I told you about him before. He’s on the basketball team and they call him ZJ.” Tiara squealed as she stared off behind me.

I rolled my eyes and took this chance to walk off. I was definitely thankful that he came over but I’ve seen how he acts around school and I definitely don’t have time to be getting embarrassed. I made it to footlocker and I already had it on my mind that I was going to tell RJ off for just leaving me.

“That was rude as fuck to just walk off after I helped out.”

“I see you don’t know anything about personal space. You were distracted so I went on about my business. Thank you though.” I replied 

“What you in here trying to buy? For you being rude as fuck you can get my those new 11s that came out today. I wear a size ten and a half. My momma get me a size eleven because she said I’m a growing man.” He smiled. 

“You have to be out of your mind if you think I am going to buy that. I said thank you and today is solely about me.” I smiled. 

“Oh it is.” He cooed as he stared me down. 

“Well thank you again. I’ll get you something else for helping but I am not getting you no shoes.” I laughed.

“That’s fucked up shorty. I had to sit through those airheads flirting for you and a nigga can’t get a pair of kicks. How long are you going to be in here? I can wait around to make sure they don’t come back this way fuckin’ with you. You new this way?” He questioned moving more into my space. 

“No I am not and we’ve been going to the same school together since middle school. Once again my space I need that. Thanks for the offer my cousin crazy behind will pop up before it’s time to go. Some girl probably got his,”


“Rj why?” I groaned in embarrassment. 

“Nigga who the fuck are you? You don’t know shit about me to be coming at me like that. Watch ya mouth nigga!” Zj gritted stepping to Rj. 

“Whoa now. That isn’t what you are about to do. Back up away from my cousin.” I declared grabbing his arm. 

“Aye little bitch why you all up on my little brother. I’ve beat hoes bigger than you so watch them little grabbers.” Some light skin girl snapped getting in my face. 

“Zaza take yo ass on. You ain’t have to do all that to her.” Zj laughed. 

“See and this is why I tell my momma I don’t like stepping in to help you. You always want to be out here on that lover boy shit. She not even your type so please keep it in your pants. Get whatever you are getting so we can go home.” His sister snapped rolling her eyes. 

“Um I guess that makes two. Thank again for earlier.” I cut in rolling my eyes walking off. 

“I should slap you in the back of yo big ass head for trying to play my cousin. I don’t know what kind of world yo ass live in but that one right there I don’t play about. Ain’t shit cute about a nasty bitch. Watch ya mouth when you refer to her. Oh and nigga whatever you think about to happen with that one dead all that shit and find another mothafucka to play with because Megan Brownie isn’t the one to play with.” Rj spat standing in front of me blocking me from them two. 

I swear my cousin act like a damn guard dog. 

“I can handle myself Rj. It’s not that deep and I don’t give a damn what that girl is talking about. I am about to get my shoes and go home. You are so damn extra.” I groaned walking off. 

“Aye shawty I’ll talk to you again when you don’t have you little Chihuahuabarking at mothafuckas. I’ll see you around beautiful.” Zj smiled. 

“And nigga talk that shit again and I smack them fucked up teeth out ya mouth. Ain’t no pressed about that little ass girl. To think I almost got ya number.” Zj sister spat as she grilled Rj. 

“Can’t get shit that wasn’t offered to yo ass. Meme bring yo ass on.” Rj ordered not even looking in ol girls direction. 

I swear this nigga was so rude. This wasn’t happening again I swear he is embarrassing. 

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