New Relationship



Since the day at the mall I’ve been looking around for ol girl. I knew for sure we went to the same school and I couldn’t find her ass at all.

“Hayyyyy ZJ! Are you going to Tami’s party tonight?” Phobie asked all up in my personal space and shit.

I didn’t even like her rat face ass because her edges pissed me off and she was dirty as fuck.

“Aye that girl from the mall where she be at? I don’t ever see her around this bitch. Don’t she go here?” I questioned as I scanned the halls.

“Um why do you want to know about Megan big ass? She is whack as fuck and during school that nigga RJ walk her around. They should be coming down here any minute. Nigga guard her ass like she the president or some shit. Oh there they go.” Phobie complained.

“Aye Megan!Damn yo ass be hiding. I thought you lied to a nigga. Walk with me right quick.”

Megan looked at me and she kept walking like I wasn’t talking to her ass.

“Aye shorty don’t disrespect me. Let me talk to you Megan.” I insisted.

“Oh you were talking to me.” She let out.

“Nigga! I said yo mothafuckin’ name. Don’t play with me shorty. Aye come this way.” I instructed grabbing her hand pulling her in the opposite direction.

“Nigga who the hell you are? Why the fuck you all on her? She need to take her ass to class. She don’t need to do whatever you trying to do with her.” Ol spat grabbing her other hand.

“You her nigga or something? Damn can I speak to shorty?” I snapped.

“Um that’s my cousin. RJ I’ll see what he’s talking about and I’ll just walk to class myself. I’ll be okay.” She assured.

“Damn she will be fine! If anything I’ll walk her ass to her class. Shit nigga she gon be good.” I snapped.

“Okay this shouldn’t be happening right now. RJ I will be fine. You come on.” Megan let out placing her hand on my stomach trying to stop me from moving.

Her cousin sized me up before walking off. When her cousin was near us anymore her whole attitude changed. She snatched her hand back and sized a nigga up like I as some bum ass nigga.

“What is your problem? Why are you looking for me?” She snapped.

“Damn I’m just trying to see what’s up? Why you do fuckin’ rude? A nigga just checkin’ for you shorty. I wouldn’t have to do that shit if you would just give me your number.”

“Why would I give you my number? The last time I saw you ol girl that was with you came at me for no reason. You helped me out and I thanked you for that. What do I need to give you my number for? You want my number because you feel sorry for me or something? I’m single and alone by choice. I’m not looking for a nigga.” She spat staring me down.

“I almost called you out ya name. Give me ya mothafuckin’ number. What the fuck wrong with yo ass? I want ya mothafuckin’ number because I think you look good as fuck and a nigga wanna text yo ass every now and then.” I snapped.

“You have to be out of yo mothafuckin’ mind. Bye.” She laughed before walking off.

I don’t know why her ass think she can get away with that disrespectful shit her ass just pulled.


“Ma follow that girl home.” I ordered getting in the car.

“Hell no I’m not following that damn girl. Who is she?” My mother asked.

“My next girlfriend. Aye pops tell ya wife to follow her.” I laughed.

“Aye you like them with a extra on it. You like em like ya momma.” My pops laughed.

“Nigga I’m sexy as fuck because nigga You was on me heavy. She’s a pretty girl. Following her home isn’t the way to go about it.” My mother added.

“Damn Jana get out the seat. I’ll follow her ass. If he want her he gotta do what he gotta do. I’ve done shit like that. I waited at your house when you went on a date with another nigga. I’ve taken your phone for a couple of days because I saw some shit I don’t like. Follow that girl. I’ll go introduce myself to her pops.” My father laughed.

“Ain’t none of this shit cute. That creep shit and my son isn’t about to do that shit.” My mother argued.

“Aye you talking about ol girl with the red hair? That green shirt on?” My pops probed.

“Yeah! That’s her. She about to be my girl and she done even know it.” I smiled looking at her.

“Yooo I know that nigga. I know her pops. Aye get out the car.” My father laughed getting out.

“Zj! Zamor! Don’t go over there and bother that girl. Zj!” My mother yelled out.

“Come on lil nigga. Aye Booda! What’s good my nigga.” My pops called out.

Megan and her father turned in our direction and she looked at me with her eyes wide open.

“Aye what’s good! I didn’t know yo son went to this school.” Her pops greeted dapping my pops up.

“Aye I wanted to say wassup and shit. My son had saw your daughter and thought she was a beautiful girl. When he pointed her out and I saw you I was like damn i know her pops.” My father let out.

“Oh nahh nigga. Not my baby. You Hell for bringing your son over here. Hell nah!” Her father let out laughing.

“Can we leave.” Megan groaned.

“Why you won’t give me your number?” I spat.

“Because that little loud mouth b… that girl you had with you last time really pissed me off the last time I saw you. I appreciate what you did but that’s it.” Megan spat.

“Who is she talking about?” My father probed.

“Yo disrespectful daughter. Her ass don’t know how to talk to people.” I gritted.

“Ahh Damn! My bad about that. My oldest is a little disrespectful.” My father just shrugged.

“I don’t care about that girl and I don’t want to talk to you. Every time you and my cousin get around each other it’s always bad. Those little girls that love you in that school have been grilling me I don’t need all that. Talking to you will bring all the extra nonsense I don’t need. Thank you but nah.”

“I ain’t worried about them. Shorty if you really declining because yo cousin always walking around acting like a damn guard dog. Nigga walk around like He yo nigga or some shit.”

“Aye lets go.” Her cousin called out coming towards her.

“This that shit I be talking about. Here this nigga go!” I groaned.

“Yo this shit is hilarious. I can not wait until I tell yo moms about this shit.” My pops laughed.

“Aye give me yo phone.” I demanded.

She stared at me for a second before passing me her phone. I put my number in her phone and then called mine. I saved her number before passing her phone back.

“Aye I’ll call you later.”I informed.

“Yo what the fuck?” Her father said shaking his head.

“Daddy you aren’t going to say anything to him?” She whined.

“Nah I legit did the same shit to yo moms. I can only respect it. Don’t disrespect my daughter and we won’t have a problem.” Her father let out.

Nigga stared me in the eye and shit. I won’t doing no fuck shit, so he didn’t have to worry about shit. I got her ass and she about to be all on a nigga. Showing up to my games and all that good shit.

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